29 May 2012

wanna go to the pool?


i love the smell of chlorine and sunscreen. the sight of bright colored pool bags. those floaties that babies wear. a toddler strollin in wearin his eye goggles, totin his new noodle.

i think i must've spent about 40% of my childhood at the pool.

when i was really young, i would go with my meemaw to the pool. i had the floaties. i didn't know how to swim yet. climbing to the top of the water slide {extra magical because it had a waterline which kept the slide slick all the time} was a huge adrenaline rush for me. sometimes, i'd get to go to the deep end with my aunt or when my meemaw would get in. hours and hours of inhaling, drinking, coughing up highly chlorinated water. holy sweetness. complete with blood shot eyes. who needs goggles anyway? and the lifeguard's whistle blow. "Clear the pooool." what a buzz kill.

there are a couple of childhood bathing suits that i remember most fondly. i had a blue and white tie-dyed one piece that i wore until i was too tall for it. and a bikini - top was blue and white stars and bottom was red and white stripes. it was my birthday bathing suit. loved them both.

in middle school, the pool became THE social hangout - and place of utter mortification, almost daily. i am the oldest of four, and my mom would haul us all to the pool in the gray dodge caravan because we were wild as hell and it was a great way to tire us out.  my siblings were all in elementary school, and i was in middle school and we were the new kids in town. awesome. oh, and my chest was flatter than a fritter while it seemed like every chick at the pool was built like a brick shit house. not cool.

it was like a day-long affair - tons of chips, sandwiches, and those quaker chocolate chip granola bars, diet drinks, juices. my brothers would NEVER tire of diving for sticks and wearing goggles to chase each other around under water for dayyyyssss. i had my magazines and tanning oil, praying for God to make me invisible.

but - sometimes i'd go with my friends, sans siblings {y'all know i love y'all}, and it became a gossip fest with my friends, and more analyzation of how other chicks were built like they were 17 when we looked like 5th graders. there was an art to prancing around the pool with your shorts pulled up, but unbuttoned, and flipped down while you walked to buy a drink or something. {wth?} and everybody had those adidas flip flops with the blue and white stripes.

hubs and i pooled it up recently, and i swear, it seems like i get hotter sittin out there a hell of a lot faster than i used to. and there was no music. whaaaaaat? i had some mags, and my sunglasses, and my sunscreen, and my baby oil ... and a lot more lovin' than i did back in the day. {part of it did make it to my boobs, thankfully.} some other new additions include a pump site, and a sensor site. hotness, brought to you by diabeetus.

i REALLY want a one piece. not a i'm-fat-and-don't-care-enough-to-lose-weight kinda way, but in a i-don't-want-to-be-stared-at-by-children-and-rude-adults-alike-because-of-my-medical-shiz kinda way.

knah mean?

i'm on the hunt. suggestions? websites?

pinterest it is ... fingers crossed.


Miss Lizzie said...
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Tracy said...

Brings back great memories.
You need to send this to the Lynchburg girls, for sure.

Allison Deaton said...

I feel so old when I go to the pool with my kids (in my mini-van!) and see all the middle and high school kids, and remember being them...doesn't seem THAT long ago. As far as the bathing suit with the pump and sites, I prefer the tankini...because it's not quite a one-piece, and you can get one that shows a little stomach. I tried the bikini and hate getting the stare down from everyone, then you have to tell everyone what it is...I had one man point at my site and tell me "you left your band-aid on" I wanted to say- ummm thanks it's not a band-aid, and if it was maybe I meant to leave it on. But I just said thanks and kept on going. So the tankini is my solution!