28 May 2012

y'all know i don't love cats

especially black ones. duh, they are bad luck. remember this post?

so, imagine the tightness in my chest/horror/omg i felt when i saw these hoodlums just chillin on our back deck. there were FIVE of them. SOLID BLACK. except one had a lil white on his neck.


first, i tried to tell myself how totally ridiculous it is to be paranoid over some cats.

that didn't really work. so, then, i reasoned that it wasn't a bad thing because they were soft fluffy little kittens ... even though one of em's eye was totally crusty and small and barely there. CREEPtastic.

whatever. so, i was about to hop in my car to make a three hour drive, and i noticed the wind was blowin and the leaves were upside down and i thought, "oh lawd, somethin is about to go down."

i decided to stop trippin and get my usual road trip bevy


thank you, sonic, for diet cherry flavor ... totally mag with diet coke or diet dr. pepper. i highly recommend.

and then - as i was sippin on my large diet dr. pepper with diet cherry flavor, lo and behold,  I saw this, which duh, cancelled out any bad vibes from the black cats. 

plus TWO red birds flew right in front of my car. 

yeahhhh. tha's what i'm talkin bout.

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