10 July 2012


Isn't it funny how one day a year, you {and everybody else} really focus on your "age", even though, really, you are only one day older than you were yesterday?

I just turned 29. I've been sad. Not really because I am "old". I mean, yes, I'd love to be thinner, with less responsibility and carefree and all that. But, really, I think it's more just an assessment of where I am now and what I have {or have not} accomplished. And it's easy to compare your own life to others'. Then, I immediately feel guilt for being sad at all. Every day is a blessing and a gift.

I got to thinking about the idea of "age" and how it has a negative connotation. Do we accept the idea of  "age" and other people's ideas of what should have been accomplished by certain ages?

I'm such and such age, I should own a house. I get this, but tend to disagree. I think you should own a house if you are in love with where you live. Why do people buy something that equals debt if their primary reason is pressure? Or for that matter, the whole I should be married. I should have kids. Whatever it is, are we truly ready for these things, {and if you are, that's fine}, or do we just feel like we should because ya mama or ya grandpa or society says so? Who gives a shit what people say?

Work. Ugh. Life is too short to hate work everyday. I've been there. Had jobs I loathed and had jobs I loved. Now I'm in a transition place, and trying hard to trust the gifts that God gave me, and knowing that He has never let me go without, and I seriously doubt He's going to start today.

Looks. I feel fat. And not tan. But, I have been working hard to pay better attention to my health. For the last few years, I have really tried to understand my body more. To make healthier choices. I don't count calories. Or fat grams. I refuse to be a slave to food. F*** that. BUT - acupuncture has changed my life. My diabetes is better than it has been in over a decade. I am sleeping better. I feel better. I'll take that over being skinny any day. People who obsessively talk about working out GET. ON. MY. DAMN. NERVES. I am willing to bet, I am not alone on this. Just sayin. I mean, good for you, shug, you work out. Lots of people do. Hell, like I said, I'd love to be skinnier, and I'm trying to be conscious, but dude, STFU about your body image.

someecards.com - You should stop worrying about your weight and start worrying about your boring personality.

I'm learning that life doesn't just happen to you. You have to go after things. Sometimes those things seem scary as hell. But if you look at your life in reverse, most of the shit you wished for would have been a disaster. Sometimes, you may be the only one who things a decision is the right one. But guess what, sugarlump? You are the only one living in your life. And the naysayers {though they may truly want what's best for you} aren't going to be the one who are affected by your decision. You are.

So, to me, age is just a number. Some people die at 15. Some live in misery into their 90's.

I'll end today's post with a quote from my great Uncle Herman:
90% of the things you worry about ain't gone happen. The other 10%, you can't do nothin about em. So, there ain't no point in worryin. 
Smart man.

Now - y'all wish me luck. I'm off to Home Depot to get stuff to attempt to make this magical fabric covered jewelry display thingy I saw in Southern Living. I will post about it if it doesn't turn out totally busted. 

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