11 July 2012

DIY jewelry display

I was flipping through Southern Living's recent special edition, "100 Makeover Ideas" (couldn't find a link) and came across a bulletin board covered in fabric to hang large pieces of jewelry. Theirs was framed (in what looked like crown molding that had been cut to fit). I decided I'd attempt to make it, 'cause Lord knows I have three jewelry boxes and I am about to die to find a way to separate big, bulky pieces from smaller, daintier ones. 

Then, I remembered I had this window frame! Holla!

 Here is the finished product:

What I used:
* roll of corkboard (make sure it's not the super thin kind)

* 3 pk. of foam boards (I put these behind the cork because the cork alone wasn't thick enough and it would've caused the thumbtacks to poke all the way through to the wall)

* fabric (I had an old linen-like shower curtain leftover that I'd started to cut up to use on something else)

* staple gun and staples (make sure the staples are big/long enough to go through the cork, foam, fabric, and into your frame, if you make yours that way)

* D-hooks and picture hanging wire // materials for preferred method of hanging your frame

* thumbtacks or some sort of pushpin (I just used clear thumbtacks because I didn't want too much going on with color, etc)

Basically, my "layers" were"
1 - frame
2 - fabric
3 - corkboard
4 - foam (just one sheet is thick enough - out of the 3 in the pack, I only needed two, side-by-side, and I had to cut one of them down so its edges weren't visible)

Hope this explains it. Loving mine so far. 
One step closer to organization!


Tracy said...

Good job!!!!!!!!!!!

Abigaylemae said...

Love this!! The hubs and I recently discovered a barn loft with two massive stacks of old windows just sitting there...Used two for picture frames a few weeks ago, but have been stumped on what to do with the others - You have inspired me! :O)