26 July 2012

don't vote.

greetings, friends. y'all know how much i love election year. {insert giant "psych".} but, i feel the overwhelming urge to clarify why, because it's not my opposition of certain candidates or political parties. nope. it's voters' ignorance and the childlike bickering that seems inevitable {amongst the candidates and the voters} when it comes to politics. and, election year just brings all that shiz to the surface.

please take a moment to use the brain God gave you and consider the following:

 why are you voting?

a) my mama was a democrat
b) my daddy was a republican 
c) he is white 
d) he is black 
e) i hate who is currently in office, so i'ma vote for the other guy. 
f) she is a woman 
g) oprah said so 
h) they promised me some shit that no one could possibly give me 
i) i know what the candidate stands for, and his or her previous accomplishments/records as well as what they claim to try to achieve while in office closely follow my own beliefs and i have faith in this candidate regardless of what political party they are affiliated with

there is only one correct answer here, shugs. seriously. this person will be in office for at least 4 years. please think about what you are doing.

DO NOT listen to shit that your friends or campaign ads say about a candidate. guess what? you can't believe half the shit you hear. do some research.

if you don't know shit about the candidates, or are right down the middle and cannot decide how to vote, please do the whole country a favor, and DON'T VOTE AT ALL.

someecards.com - Deep down, Brenda suspected that Magic Mike knew more about her needs than either of the candidates.

this public service announcement has been brought to you by shug in boots.

thank you and have a superb day.

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Help! Mama Remote... said...

If everyone felt this way it wold be a better world.