27 July 2012

dear ______,

dear facebook - it is annoying that i can't tag friends in pics more easily on my photography page, but whatevs, i kind of found a way around it.

dear J - thanks so much for the whoppin ass case of redbridge and some new gluten free bevies to try. #realfriend

dear photography - you are awesome. so much fun. so much to still be able to experiment with and learn, and a way to make people smile. what a win-win.

dear readers of this here bloggie - you bring such smiles to my face with your comments and likes. i'm glad we can all enjoy a lil blogger action.

dear cheap asses - it is GHETTO to order ONE damn salad bar for $5.50 and then have two GROWN ASS PEOPLE share it - blatantly. for realz?!

dear la cocina - that taco salad i had the other night was RIGHT, amigos. truly.

dear people who think stricter gun laws will keep CRAZIES from doin CRAZY shit - bless y'all's hearts.

dear john stossel - i cannot concentrate on what you are saying while my hubs watches you because all i can focus on is that killer stache.

deuces, and cheers to a fab weekend, shug pies!


Tracy said...

FUnny about the mustache!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

Love it! Killer stache....Bahaha