16 July 2012

i love cows.

One day, maybe Anj and I will live somewhere that has cows nearby. And I will go over and harrass visit them, and tell them stories and talk to them like they are babies.
I just love them. I think they have the cutest faces ever. And - it is awesome because most of the time, when you creep up on em, they will stop chewing and stare at you, almost like they want their picture taken.
If I have the camera with me, I will make Andrew pull over so I can get my Nikon on with the cows.


Happy Monday.


Tracy said...

Where are our longhorns??

Diane said...

Completely with you on this one. Cows are pretty awesome. So laid back

Abigaylemae said...

:o) i luv cows too...and yep they def. have personalities!