13 July 2012

dear ______,

dear what's next: i am kinda scared of you, but also really excited because i don't know much about you at all.

dear God: thanks for answering my prayers, even if it was slow and in a way that required some pain and lessons learned.

dear cherry coke zero: you taste good to me. thanks for bein such a pick-me-up.

dear brody: your ball is not a living thing that you must take care of and cry over 24-8, but it's sweet that you are such a nurturer.

dear jennifer, the acupuncture girl: thank you so much for teaching me to use common sense and listen to my body. my diabetes and overall life are so much better since i met you!

dear random gray hairs: i don't understand why you are here to ruin me, because i am NOT ready to pay to have y'all covered up. but, i'm afraid if i pluck y'all, more will grow back in your place. you will not defeat me.

dear someecards: you light up my life. and my mom's. thanks for comin out.

dear anj davis: thanks for forcing me to listen to wierd indie rock all the time because i admit, it has grown on me and i actually paid money to put some of that shit on my ipod.

dear syliva: i am glad we have grown to be tight as ticks. at first, i didn't trust you and thought you were the runt of the litter. i soon realized that you are just a chevy and all of your kinfolk seem to have the same issues. i am glad we have worked through a lot of that so we can move forward.

dear eric: thanks for fixin the chevy illnesses that both sylvia and T-Roy have been afflicted with.

dear greek people: thank you for inventing hummus (did y'all invent hummus originally?), tzatziki, and stuffed grape leaves.

dear anheuser busch: thanks for inventing the only gluten free beer that doesn't taste like battery acid, or fruity sweet ass ness.

dear blogger: thanks for this free platform to just say random shit to clear my mind.

dear parents: thanks for the nikon. i am in love. it is the best toy i have ever had. and it helps make other people smile too. i call that a win-win.

happy weekending folks.


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