21 August 2012

DJ Shug Bone - soul

Y'all know I love me some old school soul. 
{And if there's a such thing as havin a past life, I'm pretty sure I was black in mine.}

love. this. shiz.

{show and tell - al wilson}

{try a little tenderness - otis redding}
warnin: shit be gettin crunk at about 2:15

{lady soul - the temptations}

happy tuesday, shugs


Abigaylemae said...

YES!! Loved this post...I'm a music head of all generes - If you like old skool soul, you NEED to check out Widespread Panic's version of Love & Happiness! They did it at the NYE show we went to in Charlotte and it still gives me chill bumps when I hear it :O) They also did Slippin into Darkness that night too (They had a guest horn section for NYE).

Nicholl Vincent said...

haha love it!!

Have a wonderful week! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)