04 August 2012

friday: beef n bevies

after a stressful trip to target where i tried on bathing suits {ewwwwwwww},

our evening started off with a lil london broil.

but see, beefy don't eat shit that's still bleedin. no, ma'am.
see the blood puddle? 

so i threw my shit in a pan to finish cookin

but all's well that ends well

i made some sugar free chocolate puddin while hubs went to check the mail

we got somethin from a Winner in Chapel Hill, because, duh, only winners live in Chapel Hill

this is what the inside of the card said
considerate, because it's totally reusable

after supper, we enjoyed some bevies outside

with the occasional sports stalkage

then, it started rainin, so we came inside to watch super fast chicks run track and drink cherry coke zero (well, at least i drank cherry coke zero)

all in all, i'd say it was a good friday night

1 comment:

Cori said...

Sounds like a fantastic night and I love the pictures!! I'm so jealous of your talent...