03 August 2012

What the hayulll, China?

Maybe some of y'all are totally on board with the {somewhat stereotypical, hopefully?} Chinese parenting style of "let's teach kids that nothing less than perfection is accepted, that an A- is for wusses, and that hell yes you will play the damn piano until your fingers bleed!"

But, some people in charge over there have some serious control freak, overcompensation-for-somethin issues.

Just in case  Communist control on family size, or China lying about chicks' ages to get them into the Olympics,

(just look at them!!
do they look 16?!)

isn't enough reason to know China is off their rocker, you need to have a look at this shiz:

Chinese Diver Wins Gold, Is Finally Told That Her Mother Has Cancer And Her Grandparents Died A Year Ago

{Below are some highlights}

Wu Minxia ... became the first woman in history to win three consecutive Olympic golds. Sustained success like that comes at a price --- in Wu's case, a life entirely devoted to training, cut off from the outside world...
After her gold, Wu's father admitted to the Shanghai Morning Post that he had been hiding some bad news from her: both her grandparents had died over a year ago, and her mother had battled breast cancer for eight years...

 Now 26, Wu began attending daily diving camp at six years old. At 16, she left home to live in a government-sponsored training facility, where she rarely saw her family, didn't attend school—didn't do anything but dive, all day, over and over again for this last decade...

 Her parents only kept up with her life by following her Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter...

 Her parents even traveled to London to watch her compete at the Olympics, but either chose not to or weren't allowed to meet her until after she competed. The extent of their correspondence: a text message to let her know they had arrived safely...

What the hayulll, China?

I'll take Bush, Obama, Romney - whoever's shit anyday.

Bless y'all's hearts.

I will say this - LOVE the acupuncture! Shit has changed my life! 



Jordan said...

That shit CRAY. Out of curiosity, what did you initially try acupuncture for? Would love to hear more about that!

Shug in Boots said...

Hey Jordan! Thanks for stopping by! I've written several times about acupuncture, feel free to check those posts out here:

(or you can click the "acupuncture" label over there on the left)

I am diabetic, so I felt like a lot of outside factors were impacting by diabetes and vice versa. Related issues I went/go for are stress/anxiety, hormone regulation, improvement of liver/kidney function. My acupuncturist also helped me to realize that for me, gluten is a no-no, and eating high protein/low carb is very beneficial. I know others who go for allergies, sinus problems, bladder issues, fertility, pinched nerves ... the list could go on and on. They, too have had positive things to say. I love it and am SO GLAD I tried it!