19 August 2012


I came across this post the other day over at Jenni's of Story of My Life {go read it} and the post hit really close to home. {ha! no pun intended!} If you know me personally, you know why.

Then, I saw this spider web and it made me think.

How truly amazing that a spider is equipped with everything he needs from the day he's born to provide for himself.

God does the same for us. 

He gives us the means that we need to care for ourselves. He's never let me go without. Not one time. Yet, I, in my flawed human nature, sometimes get tricked into believing that one day He might not. He might decide that because I chose the wrong job, or the wrong place to live, He's gonna abandon me.

Friends, that way of thinking was stupid. And just plain old wrong.

After reading Jenni's post, I was telling Andrew about it later. I said, "Can you imagine? Not liking living in Austin?!?" {Did you read my post on Friday about how fabulous Texas is?!}

Then, I thought, I guess people could say the same about any place ... Charlotte, or Raleigh or NYC or BFE. One person's magical paradise is another person's misery. Everyone has things they like and don't like about where they live. Who's there or not there, how expensive it is, there's nothing to do, it's too crowded, it's too hot, it's too cold. Obviously, you could easily go on and on with the bitchin & whinin. And some of these points are valid. But, you gotta love what you got while you've got it.

Over the years, I'm slowly {I'm quite stubborn} starting to see that a place is just a place. And all places have beauty. And what makes a place is who you're there with and truly, what you make of it.

Maybe God puts us in places that we don't think are all that amazing to teach us just that. A place is just a place. He created the whole world. I'm sure He sees beauty in each and every inch of the space He made. Maybe being in a place that you think is less than perfect is God's way of changing your focus. Making you step out of your box. See things you didn't see before. Get out of a career you have been miserable in. Finally stand up to people. Pursue the dreams you've always put on hold until "the right place and the right time".

I have prayed and prayed for God's guidance on finding "happiness" where I am, and He is answering me, friends. It took awhile. But, I'm glad it did, because I wouldn't have the perspective that I have now without His timing. I'm 29 years old, and though I'm diabetic, I am healthy, and married to the man of my dreams, and I have nothing worthy of complaint. Glory be to God.

I know with absolute certainty that God is the one in control, and I might think I am runnin shit around here, but it's like those driver's ed cars, you know? I may be doing a little steering with the decisions I make, but God's ultimately got control of the brakes. All I have to do is ask Him for his help. Ya heard? Sometimes God might allow a lil bump up here and there, but that's cause He loves us and is tryin to teach us. People who think that God's love = a life of peaches & cream are missing the mark. This life - good and bad - is all part of God's plan, not the other way around. The bad stuff is part of the good, my friends. It's how we find value and meaning in what we have.

God's got his eye on the sparrow {and the spider}, how silly of me to think for one second that He's not watching over me.

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