14 August 2012

kudos to you, Marley Lilly

And no, this is not a paid post.

We all know the world is chock full of businesses that have less than acceptable customer service.
 Don't even get me started.

So - with that said, I always like to give props to companies that actually listen to customers and follow through.

Last year, I ordered this hat for my sister-in-law's birthday:

Just adorable and totally her.

But, then, this happened:

Umm, oops. 
What started out as a little hole kept on going until it had more of a can opener vibe.

So, I emailed the shugpies at Marley Lilly explaining that I'd ordered the hat a year ago, but given that S.I.L. only wears the hat during summer months, it'd only had a couple months' wear.

They asked if I thought it'd be a simple repair and offered to refund me a portion of the cost if I wanted to do the repairs myself { in case I didn't want to be without the hat}, or send me the prepaid label to ship it back so they could fix it, my choice.

And, after realizing how much had come unstitched, Ms. Sarah offered to just send me a new one!
She didn't ask me a million questions. Just wanted me to be happy with my purchase.


This whole affair of contacting them and getting a brand new hat occurred in a matter of days!
Now, Miss Lois Ellen shall have her fresh new monogrammed derby hat.

And they all lived happily ever after.


Tracy said...

Love it!

christine donee said...

and it is SO cute!

Ashley said...

ahhh that is awesome!! dude that hat totally looks like a can opener! haha go marley lilly!

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love that hat!! That's so amazing they sent a new one. I love hearing about great customer service because it seems like people normally have bad experiences.