15 August 2012

pizza = the devil

today's post has absolutely. no. point.

i just got a for realz bad craving for pizza.

deep dish pizza. {which i have never liked}

normally, i totally prefer some thin & crispy veggie lover's from pizza hut.
best. shit. ever. 
i don't care if it sounds 'neck.

but - like i said, i got to thinkin about deep dish pizza like this one:

additionally, i would like a side of ranch.
either homemade steakhouse ranch,
ken's steakhouse ranch,
or hidden valley ranch.

i would like to take the pizza and eat it with a fork,
which i also normally would not do, because it takes too damn long.
but this time, i would want a fork, so i can submerge each and every bite into the ranch.

finally, i would like a diet coke over ice.
not diet pepsi.
not coke zero.
but diet coke.

carbonation heaven.

that is all.
no recipe.
no workout plan.

i just want some deep dish pizza so the gluten can wreak havoc on my intestines and my blood sugar can be in the 400s for like 4 hours.

that is why pizza is the devil.

{i JUST had supper. what is wrong with me?} 


Allie Tarrant said...

My mouth is SERIOUSLY watering! Ever since my diet started I have been craving pizza!

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh yum that pizza looks great!! and why is pizza so good?? it shouldn't be allowed to be that good, so then i wouldn't crave it a lot or gain weight by eating it

MY Creative Brightside said...

Wow that is making me hungry I love making my own pizza's but I've never tried to make a deep dish one :)

Steph at http://mycreativebrightside.blogspot.com

Emmett Katherine said...

that pizza with the tomatoes does look good! sometimes you just want pizza, it happens!