09 August 2012

really, skittles?

nothing like two chicks fighting over a nasty ass walrus to make you want to eat candy.

i seriously gag every time i see and hear this grosstastic commercial.
(which is why i'm inadvertently promoting it by sharing with y'all here on the bloggy, right?)

what the deuuuuuuuuuce, skittles?


and you're welcome for unchecking the
" Show suggested videos when the video finishes"
before I loaded this on here. trust.


Allie Tarrant said...

Most disgusting thing ever. I'm not sure why I watched it. I mean it wasn't like anyone forced me too...I made the decision myself and now I want to gag!

Laura said...

Jordan had never seen this so I played it. then barfed.

Katie @ Lady Million said...

Baha. That Walrus is making my morning.
Newest follower over hurrrrr :)
Happy Friday!

Lady Million