08 August 2012

a black cat, the dmv and beverages at 3pm on a wednesday

sometimes, i'm blogging, or editing photos, and i see something in my peripheral vision ... a dash of black just creepin by.

y'all know the sight of a black cat makes me uneasy. remember that time i was drivin anj's truck and had a run in with such a cat? or the nightmares?
however - this particular cat is part of a litter that was born somewhere close by, and he/she {?} comes by to visit frequently and lay out in the sun, or shade, depending on how hot it is.
maybe God is showing me that He made the cat, and the cat knows nothing about these superstitions, and that i'm bein a little cray.

poor thing is quite neurotic though. he heard a squirrel, so he froze himself stiff, staring at him, and then  he pounced.

he was too slow. so, he sat and stared up the tree at the squirrel.

every time he heard any noise, he'd jerk his head around.

maybe he is superstitious and skiddish too.

i need to think of a name for him. 
because i name things.
even things that aren't really mine and that i don't feed.
hell, they don't even have to be living.
my car, my insulin pump, you know.

I had already scheduled this lovely post about this black cat for today and all, but then, I spent a hellish 4 hours ridin all over the flippin county. once to the tax office, twice to the bank, THREE TIMES to the dmv, and a phone call to the insurance company to fax some shit to the dmv which turned out to be of no use at all.

I could feel my shit about to pop off into a damn stroke.

let me just say this:
anything with the government WILL. BE. EFFED. UP.

You can take that shit to the bank.
It is goin. to. be.

generally, they don't follow their own damn rules.
and, people at the insurance company don't listen and follow directions

but, here I am. tags, license and all.


after today's out of this world reDONKuLOUSnesssssss,

I can at least be glad I don't have to get my damn car inspected anymore.

And, SC DMV, thank you for at least putting tags, license, title, all that shit in ONE PLACE.


whichever name I feel like goin by today. 
take your pick.


Tracy said...

Cat pictures are too funny!

Miss Lizzie said...

Awww I want kitty!!

Sorry about the DMV. They can't help it. They have no idea how they ended up in this profession. :-P

two birds said...

that made me anxious just reading about the dmv...sorry! on the plus side, you have a cute cat living near you. i definitely think you should name it!