07 August 2012

wolfpack 6-pack

on saturday, i went junkin with the sis-in-law. i was really good, because even though i see all this crap and my head is overflowin with ideas of how gorgeous it would be stripped, and repainted and put in a huge entryway, i don't have a place to put any of it.

but - 

i did find these!

clearly, i love the stizzle, and so anything pack makes me excited.

and - random - hubs and i were born in 1983, and got married on the same day that the stizzle won this tournament. (no, we didn't plan the wedding around that, but i still enjoy that lil tidbit.)

red soda?
i see these types of things all the time - with the drink still in em. thirty year old soft drink.

as you can see below, the ingredients were limited.

whattup, cheraw? whooooop!

after reading those names, i thought, cozell. what a baller name. cozell mcqueen? even better. would be a great name for a dog. a bigger dog, like a lab. get him an nc stizzle dog jerzey with COZELL in huge letters.
 i say word.

and just look at that stache.

i <3 junkin.

whoop! whoop!

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Tracy said...

Cool about the dates!
I remember these.