05 September 2012

stop blaming politicians for your shit

i know i already posted today. about peace and quiet.
but, to follow up, here's my two cents about the world today and people treating politicians like magicians who can swoop in and fix lazy people, know it alls, and kids who need their asses whooped. 

as i've said before, election year is one of my least favorite things on earth.
and, the main reason i hate it is ignorant voters. i don't mean that as an insult. i mean it literally - people who vote with no knowledge of who/what they're voting for.

and, i rarely get into the "party" thing. i am registered unaffiliated. but i do tend to lean more one way than the other. i try to vote based on the main issues and the candidate, and not by party. because to vote by party alone is simply stupid. period.

but, here's the bigger problem, friends: this may come as a shock to some of you, but it's not the current president, or any of the past ones. it's the world today, and the way we raise our kids, and teach our students. what we teach them to expect, and what we expect of them.

we live in a world where we shelter children from reality, and break our necks and rearrange our whole lives to cater to their schedules, and i mean, sports, clubs, parties, shit they don't even want to do half the time, and protecting their psyche. we give stickers for showing up. everyone makes the team. teachers aren't "allowed" to give anything lower than a 60 - even when 75% of the students in 8th grade cannot do 4th grade math. why are they in 8th grade in the first place, you might ask? good question. no accountability. no consequences. then, when they don't graduate high school, we will use tax money to fund their lives. and feed their babies. but don't worry, they will still have smartphones and ipads and whatever is the latest.

i don't disagree with "government programs". i disagree with a government who creates these programs and then does not monitor them, so that the vast majority of people on the programs are in fact, lazy.
some people are truly in need. but they get lost in the mix. and how can some judge in a social security disability hearing know the difference? people abuse the system because the government has allowed them to.

when kids get money for just breathing, what does that teach? when they get straight As because their mother did their homework all through high school, what does that teach? what do they learn when their mother drives hours and hours from home to come clean their college apartment for them?

do you know that there are teams that children play on where they don't keep score? wtf? i forgot. everyone is a winner.

does self esteem come from lying to a child? or from letting them fail, so that when they do succeed, they can take pride in that success? what does a child learn when there is never a consequence for any of their actions? they learn that somebody (the government?) will always pick up the pieces and bail them out of whatever it is.

just sayin.
and, nope, i don't have kids. but i have taught in rural middle class areas, in suburban upper class areas, and in high needs areas. and i know that teaching is not the same. handing kids grades, and rewards for bad choices does not help children in need either. it handicaps them. they are not grateful for your sympathy, nor do they respond to it. they deserve to be able to be self sufficient like anyone else. these are human beings, not needy animals.  i am sure teaching is nowhere near as challenging as parenting. duh. maybe i'll eat my words one day. if the Lord blesses us with children, i feel confident they will be like those hell raisers on talladega nights. but guess what? they gone get their ass tore up. yep. true story. and they won't ever be confused about who's the grown up and who's the kid.

i'm just sick to death of people blaming politicians for all their problems. get the fuck over yourself. the government is shysty as hell, no doubt - regardless of who is in office.  if this is news to you, bless your heart, shug.

democrats trip me out. not all - but a lot of them are all about "helping the underdog" while they would not be caught dead in a million years associating with such "underdogs". it's just cool to chit chat about how they are being all humanitarian and shit while they are boozing it up and pretending they are still in their sorority or fraternity while their kids are at home with the nanny.

and some republicans are tore up with some craziness too. the world coming to an end? the government coming to beat our doors down to take back our weapons?

maybe so. when that shit happens, you can find me havin a cold red bridge on my back deck. because in the end, the good Lord above is the only one who has any idea what any of us need.

do the country a favor. whoop your kid's ass. stop counting to 25. follow through on your threats. ground your kid for bad grades. stop blaming their teacher. all you are doing is making it really hard for her to not hate your kid because his mama or daddy is a total ass wipe.

fixing the world starts at home. not in the white house.

once again, someecards totally brought it. thanks.


Annabelle said...

Amen, Amen, and AMEN! I am too registered as unaffiliated!

lynn said...


BKell83 said...

I just randomly stumbled upon your blog....and even though I almost never comment I really had to say this post was f-ing awesome!! Amen, girl. Thank you for telling it like it is (and like everyone needs to hear!)

Emmett Katherine said...

Yeah this whole protecting kids from negative things is nit helping anyone, just making a mess of things. The not being able to give real grades boggles my mind, how does that help anyone??? There's a teacher here (forget which province) who might get fired for failing a highschool student who didn't hand stuff in. Ridiculous. Seriously. I hope he doesn't lose his job.

Bex said...

Holy crap. I have no idea how I ended up here on your blog, but I just HAD to stop and comment, tell you AMEN and give you a mental high-five. This whole post is magical.