11 September 2012

food & people who look alike.

1 // I'm tryin to lose weight. Because I cannot button half my shit. And when I see pictures, it looks like my face and arms are made of play-doh. Problem is, I love food more than I care about being fat. Another problem is I can't afford to buy all new clothes. So, somethin's gotta give. I would be fine if the following foods/bevies were calorie free:
 * bacon
 * beer
 * bacon
 * cheese
 * veggie straws/sticks/whatever
 * bacon 

Maybe this is the solution?

Also, I've really been wanting some "fall" cupcakes lately with pumpkin or cinnamon involved, and nice fluffy whipped frosting:


2 // I love that Anj & Big Silas end phone convos with "We'll see ya." #mayberry

3 // Speakin of Mayberry, I am still sad about ole Andy. So weird they made up a fake NC town and then filmed that shiz in Hollywood. Anyhoo, Andy Griffith has ALWAYS reminded me SO MUCH of my granddaddy and my granddaddy's cousin, Buster {Happy Birthdayyy!!!}. Specifically his character on The Andy Griffith Show. Act the same. Talk the same. Same mannerisms. I just realized the other day that Barney calls Andy "Anj" sometimes on there. :)


4 // Kinda like Rob Dyrdek reminds me of my brother. Both of them are hyper completely spazztastic, and hilarious. About the same size. They both do shit I call dangerous. Rob - skateboards. Mack - dirt bikes.

5 // Or how bout these three?


Have a happy Tuesday, and remember those who died at the hands of those cowardly assholes 11 years ago.

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Tracy said...

Hahahaha! Love it!