24 September 2012

the bloggin slump

i'm in mine.

i swear, some days, i have so much to write about, i can crank out three days' worth in one sitting.

then there's days or weeks really, like the last few i've had.

but, i'm not one to force it. i refuse to let the bloggy become a chore. i also don't want to start manufacturing fake shiz to say for the sake of an audience. sorry. i love y'all, but i don't want the blog to get derailed into a hot fake mess.

i will resume my photo editing with the door open so i can feel the beyond magical fall breeze. thank the sweet Lord for this gorgeous weather we've been having, among a zillion other things.

tailgated this weekend with some friends, had a fabulous acupuncture appointment, shot some maternity pics, celebrated mom's, brother's, and bobo's birthdays.

cannot complain, my shugs.

maybe the blogging fairy will visit soon and i'll have something super mentally stimulating to say.

i have started reading the hunger games. (i know) ... i'll let you know if i can stick it out or not. wish me luck.

peace out shugapies!


1 comment:

two birds said...

i know what you mean...it can be hard to think of things to write (or even wear) 5 times a week! come back when you want, we'll still be around! enjoy the books!