25 October 2012

easy, cheap burlap wreath!!

I knew easy and cheap would get y'all's attention. 

Who doesn't love a good fall wreath?
Know what I love more?
One that I can make from mess I got layin' around the house {mostly - with a lil help from Big Silas' store}

What I used:
* burlap sacks {I used two great big ones} ... you could also buy a roll of burlap fabric
* a wire hanger
* old white shower curtain I accidentally shrunk in the wash
* vintage apron that had a stain on it anyway
* scissors
* needle nose pliers {to help bend the wire}


Unwind your rack hanger {just for you Anj} because you will use it to "stitch" through the burlap

Since I used a burlap bag, I cut the three closed edges off to get rid of the seams and to make it two "sheets" of fabric

Then I cut strips vertically {about 4" wide}


Next, you will "stitch" the hanger through the burlap, it just pokes through really easily like a needle.
I've shown two different "ways" below. If you stitch close to the center, your wreath will not lay as flat against your door, which is fine if your method of hanging will support it without the wreath popping off.

Since my hook is sort of small {and stays on the door year round}, I wanted less fabric on the back side of the wreath so that it would be flatter against my door and not pop off every time we shut the door.
So, I stitched about an inch from one edge of the fabric, rather than in the center like in the picture above.

Regardless of which way you go, you just wanna fold your burlap back and forth like a ribbon and just thread the hanger through each time.


To be honest, when I started, I wasn't sure how it would look or what I'd want to add to make it more interesting. I knew I didn't want to get super fall with it, because I wanted to be able to make some simple changes later to make it more suitable for Christmas.

With burlap alone, and, with closing the hanger up to make a smaller circle than I originally planned, I still had a lot of leftover wire exposed and it looked mayjahly ghetto.

So ... this is where I decided to shred pieces of an old shower curtain I accidentally shrunk in the wash. {Oops}
I would get them started with scissors, and then tear them the rest of the way to get the edges to look rough and worn instead of scissor-cut.

{These strips are about 3" x 10"}

Then I just tied them onto the wire in a knot. {Some were tied between the separate strips of burlap, while some where mixed into a strip of burlap ... just put em in however you like until it's as full as you like.}

Finally, for the "fall" aspect, I decided to use the apron I mentioned earlier because it was orange and white {and vintage!!!} 
I did the same thing - {three} 3" x 10" strips. 
I tied two of the strips into bows and then just knotted the third strip underneath the bows so that I had a little hanging down.


To finish it off, I just used the needle nose pliers to hook the two wire ends into each other, and then just wrapped and wrapped around any excess wire {because I didn't have wire cutters and I'm too cheap to go buy some.}

Here's the finished product
{I debated cutting the stringy parts off, but I was too lazy to cut them off and I already uploaded this pic think I kinda like it.}

Also, the pic is taken hangin from our mantle instead of on our door because I look too haggard to be outside on the porch takin photos.

{in this pic, the white ribbons look sort of clustered, but when I hung it on the door, I just adjusted the white ribbons and twisted the burlap a bit until I was satisfied}

Hope the hubs digs it when he gets home cause it's here to stay and he tends to be picky about such things.

To make for a more magical crafting experience, I recommend consuming these bomb ass gluten free chocolate chip cookies {Harris Teeter} and listening to Chatham County Line while you work. 


Happy Fall Wreathin, Shugpies!

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