09 October 2012

things that are awesome.

Now seems like one long day that started last Tuesday. I'm starting to feel better everyday, but then I make movements, lift things, etc. that I shouldn't be doing. I feel random and lazy, but then realize, I'm not back to normal yet. I've had lots of time to think of little things over these last few days that make me happy.

- friends who ensure you get your hands on those gluten free chocolate chip cookies you've been craving for days

- stretchy, soft, snuggly pajama pants

- my lined moccasin slippers from ll bean

- sports bras

- my husband, anj davis

- tootsie pops

- my favorite hanes blanket from walmart 15 years ago (thanks Ber)

- sweet, private messages from awesome friends who are thinking of us, even if we haven't talked to them in ages

- re-watching nc state beat fl. state

- sweet potato tortilla chips and red pepper hummus

- homemade soup - especially the broth

- the Lord's blessing of a positive outlook, this is certainly nothing I can take credit for myself!

Since the surgery, I've been in this weird nostalgic place. I am vividly remembering when Anj & I first met, what the weather was like, and times I had with friends while I was at NC State. Songs. Michelle Branch. Perfumes. Is that weird or what?

My tummy hasn't been "normal" in over a month. I look forward to sleeping comfortably. And peeing without "feeling" it. But, overall, I certainly cannot complain. I am healing quickly, and am well taken care of, and thank God, I am able to rest and heal.

Thank you all for your loving comments on the last blog post and/or facebook. Knowing that you are loved is the best medicine. Anj pie and I thank you so much!

I hope you all are able to enjoy this fall weather and spend some time at home cuddling with your own families as well!


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