10 October 2012

ahh, just like yesterday :)

Today I was feeling well rested and ready to go for a walk at the park on this gorgeous sunshiny day. I am a very nostalgic person (or maybe everyone is?). Certain times of year, smells, songs, random things take me back to a different place and time just like that. Even though it's early fall, to me, today felt like the beginning of spring.

And as I was walking, I could just feel the breeze on NC State's campus. Hear cars riding by with music blaring - or music coming out of the windows of the dorms near mine while walking back from class. Girls in tiny ass Soffe shorts - rolled up one more time and none of their ass cheeks would have been covered at all. (How old do I sound right now?) And their top half thought it was winter - wearin an NC State hoodie and some flip flops. Weren't those the days? Little shug pies lookin haggard as hell to class, hair done in a very complicated "messy" bun, and just enough make up to not look like total shit, but not enough to look ridiculous because your clothes are clearly raggedy, but your face can't be. Ha.

On days like this, it was so easy to skip class, wasn't it? Gyaaaahhhhh. I sucked. One little dab of sunshine, and somebody on my hall not having class, and that was all it took. Well, not always, but I could have been better. Such a sucker for a ride to Cook Out, or Papa Lou's or somewhere in Cameron Village for some tea. Ooops.

This time of year also reminds me of meeting my Anj Pie ... we met in August, but things became more official in October ... one of our first dates was dinner at PF Chang's and a trip to the haunted house. :)))

Here's a playlist that takes me back (dirty words included). I don't even necessarily love all these songs, but it still makes me feel like I'm there. Goin for my walk, passin by Hillsborough Street. Ahh, those were the days, weren't they? :)

ncsu by shug in boots on Grooveshark

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