24 November 2012

Brody speaks out.

Whattup peeps?

Brody here.

I hope y'all have enjoyed the last few days of eating way too much, and lying around doing nothing at all, except letting your food settle so you can eat some more. I know that's what "Shug" has been doing.

You know what I get? Bits of dog food as "treats" while the humans are shoving ham, turkey, gravy, dressing, and God knows what else down their pipes as if they're about to go into winter hibernation. WTH?

The other night, this doofus on the couch held my ball for I KNOW three minutes to get a picture of me just sitting there. Really? Have these people never seen a black dog sit? And I've had hardly any ball throwing time. Seriously - it's only been like 15-20 times a day. The neglect is disgusting. Just look:


All of my humans are lazy SOBs. Straight sloth-style around here.

So, know what I say? To hell with this shit.

With a little research, I learned to cover my own self up with my blanket. Can't even get somebody to tuck me in. And then, they act blown away when they wake up and find me covered up. I mean, how stupid do they think I am?

There are no words.

If any of you others are interested, I got in touch with my cousin Ezzell, and I learned how to handle my own business. Hopefully y'all's humans are at least competent and caring enough to leave a blanket layin around somewhere in case you get cold while they are off stuffing their faces and shopping and watching sports.

I'm hoping that at least that fat dude with the red suit will leave me a new ball in my stocking. Anyone besides me think it's straaaange that people willingly let an old dude who wants random kids to sit in his lap, come into their house in the middle of the night while they are sleeping? And to top it off, they leave him a snack! While I am begging for a damn bone!

Anyway, my ball - see, I had my ball and my back up ball. But somebody threw one of them on the roof, and this is the shape my other one is in:


The shit we go through, right?
I'm off to plead for my bedtime bone, and then I'm getting some shut eye.

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

HOLY ISH. I just watched that video of Brody over and over again, and then showed it to my entire family, over and over again. Even my dad used "adorable" as a descriptive term. Brody is so cute!!!

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

That's not Brody in the video. ;) But, when I first saw it {my mom sent it to me}, I thought it was! Looks just like him and his crate, and his blanket! And, I have found that he is much more clever than we thought. He does love him a blankie! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! :)