21 November 2012

put away your phone, and stop bein greedy

hello sugar lumps, 
hope y'all are havin a magical time with friends and/or family.
remember the real spirit of this season.
it's not about stuff.
it's not about complaining.
it's not about rushing around and camping out to get cheap shit.
it's not about pouting because you didn't get the lastest iphone - and it's not about sitting on your phone/ipad/whatever when you have the chance to spend time with your family.
suck it up, think about what you truly have to be grateful for.
some people are pained with the memory of a lost loved one.
some are ill.
some are overseas so we can have our freedom.
 some are lost - in drug addiction, in alcoholism.
some are going through divorce.
some have no family.
some are lonely in a house full of people.
some are hungry.
some are cold.

so even if so-and-so gets on your nerves, or you don't like your inlaws, or you don't get along with your sister, or so-and-so's thanksgiving meal is not up to your standards, there is still something tons to thank God for.

i saw this post over at raven's recently, and thought i'd share, because
i agree.


But The Greatest Of These Is Love

It's the holidays, and everywhere I look in my personal life, I see so much love, family, support, kindness and so much good. My kids are happy and healthy and they will have a Christmas filled with all the aforementioned and presents. We didn't go all out this year, in fact we kept their gift giving pretty small, but the fact is, unlike so many other children, my kids will have something to open. So many kids will have nothing this Christmas. 
And that breaks. my. heart.
So many people won't have anyone to spend the holidays with. They will be home alone on Thanksgiving, eating solo at a diner or standing in line at a homeless shelter. We may pass these people every day and not know it. They could be the person in front of us in traffic, driving too slow, too fast, maybe taking a few extra seconds to realize the light in front of them turned green, so if we could all think about that before angrily honking our horn or driving by and shaking our finger at them. They could be the person who bumps into us in a crowded store and makes us drop all our gifts we were taking to the register. Before yelling at them to "watch where you're going," we could instead smile and say "pardon me." A little kid who is acting up at the childs play area could very well be a little kid who won't see a single present this Christmas and won't get a chance to sit on Santa's lap. We should remember that, and not be quick to judge or act in anger or frustration. 
I think this holiday season we should go even further then that. To not just stand back and stop ourselves from acting in anger, but to reach out more. Say hello and smile more to strangers we pass, offer to return someones cart in the grocery parking lot, pay for the persons order behind us at the Starbucks drive-thru, hold the door open for someone even if they are just far enough away that you could let it close behind you.
To extend grace
To realize that maybe, just maybe, the person who seems like they deserve it the least, need love and compassion the most. Actions are powerful, yes, but words are paramount. Watch your words. You never know what it could mean to someone. I can tell you there have been very specific times in my life, that I remember vividly like it happened yesterday, where I was completely overwhelmed, felt like I wanted to curl up in ball and cry myself into oblivion, when a complete stranger said something to me, reached out and said something. They didn't have to, but they did. It may have been simple to them, but it meant the world to me. There are people out there who feel like no one in this world cares about them, and as someone who has no idea what that feels like, I don't want to contribute to that feeling for anyone. It literally hurts my heart to think of the deep, deep pain and loneliness that others feel (except murderers and child molesters, I hope they burn in hell. Just had to throw that one out there) and I think we as human beings have a responsibility to be good people. To build others up and not tear them down. 
It's important.
Because as one very wise person once said, BE KIND. FOR EVERYONE YOU MEET IS FIGHTING A HARD BATTLE.


see? wasn't that awesome? thanks, Raven, for letting  me share! 

enjoy your time with your own shugpies ...
and say thanks ...



Lea said...

This is such a wonderful post, and so very true. Well written hun <3

Lea x

It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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Abigaylemae said...

Absolutely LOVED this post!!!!! That last B&W quote picture needs to be plastered on the cover of every magazine and newspaper across the country for several runs straight. Grace is such a wonderful thing...