01 November 2012

dear advil cold & sinus + diet coke combo

thanks for the clean house.
hubs and i appreciate it.
{and for this second post in one day}

i was just sittin there on the couch, enjoyin my large diet coke and large fry from mcdonald's when suddenly ...


"whassup, girl?!? let's clean this piece!"

it is currently 6:41 pm

since approximately 2:00 pm today, i have been totally possessed and completed the following tasks:

*washed all the funk dishes that can't go in the microwave
*scrubbed the counters in the kitchen
*scrubbed the sinks with comet
*cleaned out the bottom catch-all tray and toasting rack from the toaster oven
*cleaned out the microwave
*tossed out pots & pans to give to goodwill
*put away all the junk on the bar
*gathered all the random photos from childhood on up for me & anj into one place to be organized and put away
*went through medicines checking for expiration dates and tossed shiz like whoa
*completely emptied contents of living room bookshelf, collected some books for the used book store, dusted bookshelf, and replaced remaining items
*put away various nick-nacks into trunk because i'm sick of looking at them
*hung up huge cow crossing road sign that was previously sitting near laundry area because i wasn't sure what to do with it for the last 3 years
*removed random rubbermaid full of plastic storage containers that i used while teaching
 *moved big ass box containing wedding dress into the guest room closet upstairs, which actually had room now thanks to removing random rubbermaid
*brought random rubbermaid downstairs to organize random quilting madness that is "hidden" behind living room chair
*dusted off desk and rearranged items in areas where other crap had been gotten rid of
*organized downstairs bathroom cabinet which was overflowing with 598498 towels and free-roaming medications
*folded three loads of laundry
*emptied all the trash cans
*brought empty trash bin back around from the pick up and put more trash in
*scrubbed random spots off walls in living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom
*clorox wiped door and toilet handles
*vacuumed downstairs
*knocked over fire place set while vacuuming rapidly, causing my left foot to be covered in soot, which resulted in hubs askin: "what is goin on here?" i told him i had a goal of racing around the house tearin up as much shit as possible while covering myself in soot and drippin snot all over everything in sight. duh, wth do it look like?

and then after vacuuming, i sat down, and like a vapor, it was gone.
no more crazed cleaning frenzy, and my nose started to close back up, and my voice was goin again.
gracious me.

and before i leave you, an anj strange-behavior-while-sleeping story:
 last night while i was reading my book as anj pie lay sleeping sweetly beside me, he woke up at 11:59 because i still had the light on and had this majorly scrunched up troll-lookin face, and he looked at me and said, "it's 11:59" and then went back to sleep. 
about 15 minutes later, he woke up, leaned up, grabbed his old glasses that he uses as his back up pair, put em on, and laid his head right back down and went back to sleep.
i just let him be.
about 30 mins. later when he rolled back over, i said, "gimme your glasses. you're gonna break em. what are you doin?"
he told me he was about to take em off in just a minute?
umm, why?
maybe he really needed to get a better look at somethin in his dream?
then today, in real life, he broke the lens out of his real deal holyfield prada frames, sooooooo good thing he didn't tear up the back-up pair in his sleep, huh?

poor anj.


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i love it when people do random things in their sleep! too funny! and yay for you for being awesome and getting all of that done!