02 November 2012

dear ___________,

dear hubs' company: thanks for the health insurance

dear health insurance: thanks for doin your part on that hospital bill

dear bilo: i've been in there twice now and there are still broken eggs in almost every container. i know you know about this because i told you last time, and there are egg cartons open everywhere from where customers have picked through lookin for some decent eggs. also, what is up with gluten free bread that expired july 4, 2012 sittin out? get it together.

dear tuesday, november 6, 2012. i am so damn ready for you to get here and leave. sick of hearin about this shit.

dear snot fest and raspy voice: this is day 7. i'm good, but thanks for comin out.

dear playtex gentle glide: why make "sport" tampons? if women don't want leakage jumpin on the trampoline, they don't want leakage any other time either. don't even get me started on the perfume ...

dear facebook: why are you regurgitating old shiz to the top of my news feed?

dear tailgating at 7:30 am: it's gone be cold. but i'm bringing a big cowl. and a sweater. and some coffee. and some ncsu blankets.

dear mama: thanks for keepin it real and using words like newfangled.

have a magical weekend, sugar pies!

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