26 November 2012

dear diabeetus,

bite me, you beezy.

guess what, snuggle pies?

which is an average blood sugar of a little less than 120, which is effin badass


say word.

almost criiiiied in this dude's office:

but, i did manage to hold it together until i got in my car, then i did get a lil teary.
with everything that has happened with the ectopic pregnancy, and  me worrrrrrrrrrrrrkin my assssssssssss offffffffffffff the amount of effort I have put in for several years to get where i am today, this made my year!!
words cannot describe!
never give up, fellow diabetics!
it can be done!
the best thing i've done:
* frequent checking of blood sugar
* don't eat any carbs until blood sugar is in target range
* eat very low carb protein snacks throughout the day
* when eating carbs, eat good ones {fruit, grains} and severely limit trash ones {fries, fatty carbs}
* take insulin 30 mins. ahead of meals {when it's safe, like when you're not driving}
for more info on all of this, click here 
thank you JESUS for giving me the brains and resources (doctors, acupuncture, scrilla, health insurance) to get this thang done! 
He is an awesome God frands!!
seeing results makes it so much easier to stay on track, too!
whoop whoop!
have a good one, shugs!
check out the diabetes label for more of my ramblings about the good, the bad, and ugly of dia-bee-tus


Christa Waldrop said...


two birds said...

i dont' know anything about diabetes, but this is clearly good news. so congrats and good for you!! it's so great that you are educated and smart about how you treat your body...no matter how hard it is!

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

Thanks! :)

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

thank you so much! it definitely pays to be your own advocate. for me, feeling great was a combination of "modern medicine", diet, and acupuncture! i feel AWESOME! :)