27 November 2012

let's talk about sausage

you know what i am really thankful for?

and their bacon.
and their sausage.

doesn't get much better than this:
{with mustard}

how many of these have you had first thing in the mornin, on the way to christmas shop, or go yard salin, or tailgatin at 7:30 a.m.? i mean, there is nothing like a sausage biscuit.
it's one of the hardest parts of bein gluten-free.
i LOVE me a biscuit.
but, i found a way to fake it.
no, it's not "the same", but it's damn good. 
  meet sausage "biscuit" via cornbread {sans gluten} with the insides of the cornbread cut out because a) it's too bready and 2) it's too carby 
add a lil dab of mustard
party in your mouth!

shiz was goooood.

you should hit a drive through right away.
i recommend mcdonald's or hardee's

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