08 November 2012

revlon colorstay overtime lipcolor - thumbs up!!

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor 
(I got Stay Currant 280)

I just wanted to give a little shout out to this stuff.
I do not typically wear lip stick.
Because it doesn't stay.
You have to reapply it 100 times.
It runs off of your lips and onto your face.
Or, it's dry as a bone and chaps your lips.

BUT - 

this is not the case with this stuff. 

I like it because:
* if you apply it correctly, letting the color dry completely before applying the gloss, it will last for hourrrrs, even through eating and drinking. I kissed Anj, and it didn't come off all over his face!
* it doesn't dry out. I did use the gloss along with the color as explained above, but hours later, I just added some Burt's Bees since it's so cold and dry outside, but I feel that this stuff keeps your lips pretty moisturized. {I would be applying Burt's Bees a few times throughout the day whether I had lipstick on or not, especially this time of year.}
* it's easy to build color. I applied it pretty thinly, and it's plenty of color.

My skin is warm and fair/light and this color works for me. It makes the green in my eyes pop, but it's not too red. It's more a brick color. 
It comes in 26 shades, although I wouldn't count on finding all of them available in the store.

You can find it at Target, and Walmart. I didn't have any luck at any drugstores though.
It's around $8.

* Also, it should be noted that if you go to Revlon's website to look at the color selection, the sample colors look NOTHING like they look in real life. :(

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