07 November 2012

seriously. shut up, for God's sake


It's said and done. We got Obama for four more years. Did I vote for him? Nope.
But guess what? This is America, and we are far more fortunate in this country than are many, many others in other places around the world. Regardless of who you voted for, acting like children and bashing people and showing your ASS is not going *forward*.

This was not a damn popularity contest. Some of y'all act like this was the Super Bowl and your team didn't make it, or some pageant your kid didn't win. Or, on the same note, those of you actin like a fool because yours did win, like you personally had a whole lot to do with it, either way. Do you know how ridiculous you look talking shit to people on facebook and ending friendships over a man you will never even meet, and who doesn't even know you exist?!

As I've said before, although Obama wasn't my pick, the president alone only has so much power anyway. There are places in the world where people are lucky to have enough food for the day. Where women are beaten and raped on a regular basis. Where children are sold into slavery. Where you can get your throat cut for speaking out against the government.

We pay taxes. Maybe they are too high in your opinion. But we have freedom. And we have access to resources to make sure we are taken care of. We live in a country full of spoiled ass people who are never satisfied. Nothing is ever enough. You won't die because somebody turned you away at the emergency room because you didn't have the money to pay for it.

I think it's ironic that we put all this pressure on the government to fix everything, or we blame them for everything, when the real problem is that grown ass people are actin like younguns. The real problems with this country start at home with this sense of entitlement and gimme, gimme, gimme.

Grow up people. Seriously. If things are so damn bad then move. Some people just want somethin to bitch and whine about. And, if they got no reason to whine, then they wanna stir up some drama and then act all innocent when people are pissed. Get over yourself. God is the one ultimately in control anyway. Yep, I said it. And I believe it. And if y'all really trusted God you wouldn't be in such a tizzy because Romney didn't win. All politicians make stupid decisions. Just like you and me. Either trust in God, trust Obama, or trust yourself and get the hell out of America. EVERYBODY is tired of hearing your shit.

~ Sincerely, every damn body breathing


two birds said...

say it like you mean it!!!! i'm glad the election is over!

BKell83 said...

Yes!!! Yes. Completely agree!! My former middle school SCIENCE TEACHER was all over facebook this morning swearing at people and saying disgusting things...we live in CT what did he expect?! People are CRAY some/most times...

Taylor Grace said...

Spot on about the super bowl mentality. Like this is our country. Cmon people, wtf.