11 December 2012

know what's good?

Y'all ever wake up in the middle of the night and get to thinkin about somethin RANDOM and it keeps you up for another 30 - 45 minutes?

I woke up low {blood sugar, thanks, diabeetus} at 3-somethin' this mornin and I was thinkin about coffee while I was waitin for my OJ to kick in. Coffee with chocolate. The decaf version.

Even though it is DECEMBER, it has been in the mid-upper 60's here, which obviously feels more like spring is on the way in than winter. So, I've been gettin my coffee and then regretting it because it's hot as hell, and I sweat. :(

If you get some hot coffee that you no longer want because it's way too hot to drink it, just doctor it up with some chocolate milk is what I say.

Allow the coffee to cool down a little bit, then pour it over a glass or shaker FULL of ice, and then IMMEDIATELY pour it back out into your other glass. We wanna cool the coffee down, but we don't want to give the ice a chance to melt and get all funky.

Then, mix the cooled off coffee with some chocolate milk and pour all of it over ice.

Add whip.



Your grown up hot coffee has now become iced dessert in a cup. And, you don't have a lot of chocolate sludge at the bottom, which is what happens every time I put coffee over hot chocolate mix. I love chocolate. But, I don't love clumps of anything at the bottom of my drink.

You can go for a little walk or somethin to burn it off.

That's what I got for today folks. Mind-blown, I know. But, it is important to have good beverages in your life on the daily. 



claire said...

That sounds really good-not to mention much cheaper than Starbucks Iced Whatever! I just might pick up some chocolate milk at the store today...

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That sounds like a good idea! I prefer my coffee cold. I'm weird.