12 December 2012

Mini Christmas Tree!! Ooooh

Did your grandma or somebody you know have one of these when you were growin up?


My meemaw had this one.
She told me I could have it!

It is bigger than the ones I was looking for, but I am still in love.

Not too in love with the birds, but you can buy the decorations separately - colored lights, clear lights, birds, whatever.
She got this one at a flea market years ago.

Any idea where I can get more bulbs? They just sit down in the holes that are in the tree.

What childhood Christmas decor has inspired your own Christmas decor now?


Abigaylemae said...

YES!!! My aunt had one and the hubs and I have been searchin' all over the internet and antique stores to find one (that i like)...I didn't realize that there were so many variations! I think people still make them, so I'm sure there's some crafty supply place online that sells the bulbs n stuff.

I'm also on a quest for a reasonably priced silver aluminum tree from back in tha day :O)

Southern Sass said...

I think my grandma had one! I saw a similar one to it in Hobby Lobby the other day but the bulbs didn't work so I didn't buy it.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I have six of those. I adore them. My brother wants me to give him one, so I'll be on the hunt for more on Ebay.

Mine all have one lightbulb at the center of the base and fit bulbs that I'd be able to buy at a store - some fit close to a regular lightbulb and some are better off with chandelier bulbs.