16 December 2012

life lately - some pics

first of all - this here blog is in love with her new face!
all thanks to miss andrea!
{and to miss alexa, for sending me her way}
didn't she do a fabtabulous job?!
it's like fresh white paper and perfectly sharpened pencils on the first day of school!!
go check them out!
Oh - annnnd, the blog has a facebook page now! Please do holla!

friday, i went to the mall.
may i just mention that i would rather scrub toilets?
i got way too hot, way too irritated, and way too hungry -
and ended up grubbin in my car in the chicfila parkin lot.
and i only got two things marked off my list.


did get the christmas cards mailed out.
whoop! whoop!


we consumed some crack from starbucks.
i don't think they can ever, ever top the pumpkin spice latte.
i just don't.


discovered the most awesome thing everrrrrrrr.
maybe they have been around, but i ain't seen em.
diet mt. dew IN A CAN ... a 24 OUNCE CAN!
i hate soft drinks out of a bottle. they get hotter and flatter, faster.


our gingerbread man has become like a real deal holyfield christmas guest.
like elf on the shelf, except he don't do a damn thing except take up too much space.
look at his over-caffeinated smile and crazed eyes.
but his rick rack and cheeks are so cute!! and, i'm a sucker for tiny polka dots, so he gets to stay.


we ate yummy food & opened some christmas presents at meemaw's house.


we shopped some more and got a disturbing, yet hilarious peek into the sex lives of deer.
this would be a great gag gift for some dude's bachelor party, no?
please, read the bullets below. hilar.
receptive posture? submissive ears? rear leg accepts what?


went a lil cray cray while buying stocking stuffers and decided to treat myself to this 1 lb. bag of dubble bubble. what, what.


wrapped some prizes.
{go here and make your to/from tags out of old christmas cards so you don't have to put on a bra and run to walgreen's when you've run out.}


i made some of these treats for some shugpies in my family.
i may have also eaten exactly four of them, and then paid the consequences of gluten consumption.
but it was still worth it.


i have also been thinking a lot about the victims in Newtown, CT and their families.
i don't have children, but i used to teach elementary school, and i just cannot begin to imagine living through something like that.
may God be with them during this time, and may he help those who are mentally ill to get the help that they clearly, desperately need.
i must say, i am ashamed of our media, however. reporting what happened so that we can be informed and pray for those victims was absolutely appropriate.
however, i think that flooding the networks for days on end, and requesting "interviews" from 7 year olds and their families about the absolute horrors that they witnessed that day is absolutely inappropriate. they are {perhaps inadvertently} making the individual who committed these heinous acts a celebrity.
there is a fine line between reporting what happened, and digging too deeply into people who are in great pain, and making a legend out of a murderer for the sake of ratings.
maybe these things wouldn't be quite so prevalent if legends weren't made out of people who shoot up school buildings.
i'm choosing to remember the victims.

the image below was taken by Pumpkin Pie Photography


i hope you all have a WONDERFUL week!

off to visit the doctor, ugh. y'all please pray he gives me somethin to fix me up.
whatch'all been doin recently, huh?
are you done shoppin?
 better get on that.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that Christmas wrapping looks great! And I need to steal some of those ritz cookies, thank you :) haha

Teresa said...

I agree with you on the media! Kind of ridiculous...

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I freaking love double bubble.

I am in a HOT RAGE at the interviews with kids. WHO would even THINK of doing that?

Katie said...

i am not a fan of the mall either - especially at this time! funny that you ended up in your car eating - good choice!

Amie said...

those treats look delicious! I'm going to have to try that Ritz recipe!

Kimberlee said...

Looks like a great weekend!