15 January 2013

let's cut some shiz out and glue it on!!

When I was in high school, me and my girls were all about makin' some collages.
You know, random, inside jokes, shit that is super hilarious when you are 16.
I'm glad I saved some of these because they crack me up.
WTH were we thinkin?
PS - we did not smoke weed,
and we were not sluts, despite the hilarity we found in giving sexual meaning to almost anything found in a magazine.



There was also our nicknames.
Mine was Qween Bee. Yes, Queen with a "w" because I was unique, duh.
I loved me some Lil Kim. #notagoodrolemodel

Yep, half of my memories of high school center around the collages and notes we'd make for each other almost every single night instead of doing our homework.
That's what the parkin' lot in the mornin' was for.

Anyhoo, I got my Lilly planner in, and I am pretty much in love.
However - I had to put my own twist on it because I hate things that are pre-decorated.
Also, it was a smiiiiiidge heavy on the pink and prissy and 'lifestyles of the elite' for my taste.
Soooo, I got my collage on.


Do y'all do this? Decorate your planner?
What's that? No, because you're not fourteen?
Well, you are missin' out.

Here's the cover:


This is the inside of the front
{back of the cover, and the folder}


This is the page where they tell us all about Lilly's life at the juice stand and how she got started:


It was also irritatin' the piss out of me that there were five months included
that have already come and gone.
So, I ripped them shits out.
Not sure what I'll do with those pages yet.
I hate waste.


So, there was the back of  the "August 2012" page left over,
so I decorated that up too.


Most of this went down last night around 1am because I'd had a tad too much DMD.
So, I got my Pandora on and went to collagin' up my planner.


I'm almost donnnnne!!

What do y'all think?
Are you a planner/notebook/binder/office accessory decorator?


Jessica Nicole said...

haha that's too funny! i used to do that with my girlfriends all the time! i think i threw them all out but mann i would love to look back on them now after seeing yours! hilarious!

Heidi said...

Oh my! You are cracking me up! I can relate; when I was in high school I covered every square inch of my bedroom walls with magazine cut outs. I'm sure my parents loved this.

Meredith said...

i modged-podged shitz way before pinterest. matter-of-fact I had an flowerpot, yes flower pot that was collage work of art. I had a collage poster in my locker too. dang I just chucked a 2 foot high stack of magazines(slight hoarder), i should have sent them to you.

Aleshea said...

Haha, I loved to do that in HS & College. I decorate the days when I write what is happening that day. I love that the calendar is so long.

Southern Sass said...

I always decorated my planner in college, my best friend and I would spend forever deciding how we would decorate them and cut shit out of magazines and mod podge it all on there.

Kendyl Davis said...

You're making me miss high school!,

Mills said...

I still listen to Lil Kim. The hardcore cd may be my favorite. Give me a bunch of beers and sing the shit outta that.

Christa @ Significance or Nothing said...

I love this! I am pretty girly and I even thought the Lilly Planners were a little bit over the top. Great idea!

Annabelle said...

Holy Cow! I used to make a whole notebook out of clipping from magazines and putting them together. I still have two of those notebooks! I swear you and I are a lot alike!

Aimee said...

Bahh ahahaha yess!! I totally did this, too. What a great flashback and reminder. I work in a high school now-- and none of the girls do this? What has happened to high schoolers? :)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I've destroyed the pages of SO MANY magazines cutting out words and quotes and pictures. And then gluing them lovingly into notebooks.