16 January 2013

know what's good on this random wednesday?

The other day, I was on Garden & Gun's blog, and I saw this tid bit about Elvis' peanut butter, jelly & bacon sandwich, and I swear, I was juuuuust thinkin' about makin' a pb & j, 
and of course, we had some bacon, so I had to try it.

It did not disappoint.

Here's to hopin' Nita Nikon is on her way to recovery so we can get back to decent food pics

Know what else is good?
Goat cheese grits cooked in chicken broth {I used leftover broth from the chicken salad I made yesterday) ... with just a dab of butter and pepper.



And, did y'all see PLL last night? I am so mad at me for gettin hooked on this madness.
I want to smack Mona. And Toby. What is he doin?!? And Paige, she gets on my nerves.
And whattup with Aria's creepy ass dad?
The thing that makes me whack is that they never answer any questions before creating more freakin questions.


Do you watch the show?
What's your theory?

And that's about it on this random-as-hell Wednesday. 

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put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

I just put some bacon in the fridge. I'm gonna need to take it right back out. (Have you ever tried a PB Bacon Burger? HEAVEN)

The Pink Growl said...

That sandwich looks YUM-MY!

Marlen said...

ohhh my god this post killed me, i'm trapped and starving at work. i have never ever heard of pb&j bacon, but by God i am so going to try that this week

Aleshea said...

I must try this sandwich combination. Your post makes me happy I didn't get into PLL.

Anonymous said...

I watch PLL. I haven't seen last night's episode yet. I'll watch it tonight when I get home. I thought the show was really good until last season. I almost gave up, but they dragged me back in. I just don't understand why Toby is doing all of this if he's definitely A. He's obviously not working alone. And I often wonder if Allison is even dead. I think SHE IS A!

Emmett Katherine said...

i can't handle the pb&j/bacon sandwich, i can't!! it seems like those things really shouldn't go together!!!

The Nutty Brunette said...

HOLY MOLY GINA!!!! Get me the PB&Jelly sandwich....STAT!!! Wow! Seriously, though I love bacon on everything and this will have to get in my belly as soon as I get off work! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!

Lots of Love,
The NB aka The Bacon Lovah

Jessica Nicole said...

UMM i think that would be amazing. although i don't want to try it.. because im scared i would love it. I watch PLL! Everytime i think i know who it is, i change my mind! I really think ezra is going to be A! Or someone else we really dont expect! but what do i know? i'll change my mind again next tuesday im sure..

Head to Toe Chic said...

Goat cheese grits?! that sounds amazing!!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

What the shit...PBJB? I've never tried it but Jesus Lord now I need to.