17 January 2013

looks like two pigs fightin' under a blanket

I couldn't pick a favorite, but it is definitely a tie between these two.

{Steel Magnolias}

I've seen this movie so many times I lost count.
I love all of the characters so much, especially Ouiser - then, Drum and Clairee.


Have y'all ever seen the trailer?
I hadn't until I was lookin' for stuff for this post.

I found a video of some of the funniest parts, too.
I might even love Ouiser's facial expressions maybe a frog hair more than her commentary.

I love this movie because in my experience, it actually embodies how southern women really interact with each other.

My other favorite:

{Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood}

I've seen this one close to ten times, I'm sure.


Similar theme, southern chicks, friendship through the rough stuff, and it's hilarious.

I love their Ya Ya scrapbook, too!

This is my favorite scene:

And then of course, there's this movie ... what was it called?


The storyline was lackin'. But, it had some good parts.

What's your favorite movie?


The Pink Growl said...

HELLO CHANNING TATUM!! I misspelled that like 5x because I was so distracted by his sexy ass! I love Steel Magnolias! Perfect Southern girl movie!

Meredith said...

As Drum says in Steel Magnolias, that is a nice piece of ass. I think and I'm ashamed to admit I may not have seen Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

I watch Steel Magnolias on the reg but haven't watched Ya Ya in forever. And that's a shame because I LOVE it. Now I know what I'm doing tonight!

Jennifer Achebe said...

Hocus Pocus and Teen Witch were movies I loved to watched!

Hey Beth I nominated you for the Liebster Award! check it out: http://theeliteebony.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-liebster-award.html


Aleshea said...

Both of those movies are very great pics. I approve and obviously Channing Tatum's wife Jenna and one lovely and lucky lady. You know that baby is gonna be gorgeous.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I used to say oh, I can't choose, but that's a lie. It is always Dirty Dancing. It trumps everything.

We called my grandmom Ouiser. And it was the name of my first car. One of the best movie characters EVER.

I liked YaYas, but I loved loved loved the book. And wanted to name my daughter Vivi ever since.

ty said...

I could watch Steel Magnolias every day and not get tired of it!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I wasn't expectin' bare cheeks at the end..

I think I'll have to go watch Steel Magnolias tonight ;)

Misty said...

How am I supposed to put together sentences after seeing Channing Tatum's ass?

Let's see. I love Steel Magnolias. I can watch it again and again. Billy Madison is my absolute favorite though. I also really love Clueless and all the Fast and Furious movies. This girl likes her some hot guys and fast cars.

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Omgsh I love Steel Magnolias...gosh I seriously have no words for the last pic of Channing Tatum(Magic Mike)...wow is all I can say lol

Katie said...

I've actually never seen steel magnolias! nor the last movie mentioned either - think it's about time I watch it! :)

Allison said...

Oh.....My.... God. Channing Tatum's ass is lookin' finneee haha! I think you just made every girl's night!

Dabbling in Dixie said...

Divine Secrets of the YaYa sisterhood were my favorite books and now one of my fave movies!!