13 January 2013

SO proud of my boys!! yeahhhhhhhhhh!!

I don't have a personal issue with Duke.
But, when your own team's basketball program has come a long way, and they beat the #1 team in the country that was previously undefeated, 
that shit feels good.

I love me some Mark Gottfried.
Sydney Lowe was just too "NBA". Somebody needed to come in and beat the selfishness out of our team, and take CJ Leslie off his high horse.



Can't imagine why his ego is so big ...


Basketball jacks my nerves up.


Maybe I am getting old or something, but I almost cried I was so happy for our Wolfpack shugpies.
They wanted it so bad, and they took it.


At the end of the game, our fans rushed the court,
including a student in a wheelchair, who ended up being knocked out of his wheelchair, 
but CJ Leslie told everybody to get back and picked him up.
{Almost cried again.}


Here's what that student told USA Today:



Wolfpack fo' life!!


ps, come check out my ramblin's about what this life has taught me so far over at my fellow Wolfpacker's corner of the world at Adventures of the Southern Wife

Hope y'all are havin' a magical Sunday!!


Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

That's a cool feeling to have a team win and I love athlete "stars" with no egos :)

Aleshea said...

Girl, I think I was more excited than you and I ain't even a huge NC State fan. ( I just LOVE sports and can't stand DUKE) Let's be honest, that Duke is full of bums who feel entitled (the athletes in BBall). The culture has only continued with Doc Rivers and his son Austin Rivers. (Yes, I know he is now in the NBA... Yes, I'm gonna tell you how I really feel)

Anyways, I think that NCState has patiently waited their time and continued to show hard work and dedication despite many set backs. (See Rodney Purvis. I am super stoked he is finally playing by the way)

And now that Michigan and a few other high ranked teams fell by the way side, I can't wait to see the new charts. I'm also really happy that Green Bay, and the Texans loss. I want a Baltimore Atlanta Super Bowl just to see two old kats like Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis battle it out. Ultimately I want Baltimore to win so Ray Lewis can go out with a bang in his final season in the NFL.

OPPS, this comment is entirely WAY to long. Oh well. You started talking sports and I got excited.

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I'm no wolfpack fan but I love to see Duke get their butts handed to them!