03 January 2013

that mess is {mostly} okay

It's okay that I think that Eric Church is way hotter and way more talented than Luke Bryan. {Gasp! Horror! Shock!} Sue me.


It's okay that I will put off getting medicine that I need because it means I have to put on a bra and go out in the rain.

It's okay for you to be you, and me to be me, and that not everybody's gonna like it. It's called life.

It's okay to flip back and forth between a movie {like Dirty Dancing} and some other show because I cannot stand the stressful/yucky parts, and to flip back at the end when everything's okay. And to make fun of a few of the characters, especially Baby's sister.


It's okay if you laugh at this dude with the 'stache. I did.

It's okay to not have resolutions. The new year is just another day on the calendar. Make changes in your lifestyle little by little. Do what makes you feel like you've made real progress and feel good about things.

It's okay that I have started to fantasize about spring temps and gettin' my tan on now that Christmas and New Year's are over. {and by tan I mean a less bright shade of white}

It's okay that part of me wants this baller-as-hell oyster belt buckle, {although I just can't justify $75 on a belt buckle}.

It's okay that I WAY overuse exclamation marks when I comment on others' blogs and respond to emails! Better to be enthusiastic, right!?!

It's okay that in addition to Luke Bryan not meltin' my butter, I do not find Ryan Gosling attractive in the slightest, and all of the 'hey girls' on pinterest sho ain't helpin'. {I mean, I loved him in The Notebook, but I just don't get it.} To each her own.

It's okay that I have never had any urge to go to disney land or world and that I don't know which is which.

It's okay that I drink orange juice straight out of the bottle all the time.
{It's perfect for low blood sugar, and Anj doesn't drink it anyway.}

It's okay that I think 5-minute grits are way better than actual 'properly-cooked' grits.
{Unless it's a recipe like grits n greens or shrimp n grits, or goat cheese grits, then you need the real deal holyfield.}

It's okay that I could not get past chapter 1 of The Hunger Games.
I also only read the first Harry Potter book.
I feel like there are tons of vampire books/shows/movies and again, I have no idea which is which.

It's okay that if somebody had to play me in a movie, these are the shugpies that come to mind first:
{Ouiser = me in 30 years?}


It's okay that I think reality tv and people's obsession with it explains a lot about the hot mess that this country is today.

It's okay that seeing children in crispy, starched outfits makes me itch for them.

It's okay that when I check my blood up to ten times a day, I just lick the blood off of my finger or wipe it on my meter case. I figure it's my blood anyway. Can't catch what I already got.

It's okay that I eat biscuits about once a year {gluten = devil}, and when I do, I scrape out as much of the fluffy inside as I can because the best part is the crispy top and bottom. {crispy biscuit parts = good; crispy children's clothes = bad}


It's okay that Lil Troy "Wanna Be A Baller" is playin' on Pandora while I type this, and I ain't turnin' it.

It is not okay ...

... that I am 29 and my hip flexors are so damn tight that it makes my lower back hurt and I cannot sit Indian Style  criss cross applesauce ... pretzel style ... you know. #yagirltoeup

... that there is still shit-tons of chocolate just layin' around this piece when I am tryin' to successfully get into my own pants without bustin' a seam.{I am helping the effort as I type because I just finished off the last of the family size bag of Peanut M&M's with some Diet Mt. Dew. Yeahhhh! Whoooo! Let's get healthy in 2013!!}

peace out sugarlumps

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Meredith said...

I 100% support your fact (& it is a fact) that Eric Church is more attractive and far more talented that Luke #iwearglitterskinnyjeans Bryan. Not that I don't like the boy and sing along with almost everything, but I can put Eric on repeat and never get tired. Also Ryan Gosling is not the hottest Ryan, that goes to R.Reynolds!

Allyson Mosley said...

I love Eric Church AND Luke Bryan, but EC kind of annoyed me with his uppity "I paid my dues and those folks who won talent competitions :::cough cough Miranda Lamber cough::: don't deserve what they have" mentality (I'm a HUGE RanLam fan bubba, don't go there). LB is more my kind of man.

Yoga will help with the hip flexors sooooooooooo much. I used to have super tight hip flexors and hamstrings, causing my back to hurt sooooooo bad. Yoga fixed both of them, and helped my upper back problem ('cause I have huge boobs) when physical therapy didn't do a thing for me.

p.s. I rip out the middle of my biscuits too ;-)

put a bow on it [kaitlyn] said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one doing that with my blood! (I hope that doesn't make me sound like some wanna-be vampire freak)

Beckey said...

I am sooooo with ya on the reality tv. And I am embarrassed for my sister that she actually watches the Bachelor(ette).

I also like the belt buckle. And the cheapskate DIY-er in me is getting an itch to try and find an oyster shell to see if I can make a version of it!

Emma said...

i agree... i love microwave grits! so glad you stopped by my blog :)


KayLynn said...

I'm also counting down until Spring temps!! I hate winter with a passion..

Southern Sass said...

Well that works you take Eric and I will have Luke. I didn't make resolutions either. I knew there was no point when I would fail in 5 minutes.

The Pink Growl said...

I am drinking a Dt Mtn Dew as we speak...was actually contemplating getting chocolate. secondly, I'm OK with you saying Eric Church is hotter than Luke Bryan simply because that means more Luke for me! haha Hope you're having a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on Eric Church-- I don't get what the fuss is about Luke Bryan. If I become Ouiser in my old self life... I will be just fine with that. :-)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I have no interest in anything Harry Potter.

I don't know who Eric Church is.

Bitch Mittens. hahahahahhahaha

Aleshea said...

Girl, preach. His song Pledge Allegiance to the Hag & Sinner Like Me are the best. Merle Haggard don't just sing with anyone. Plus Luke Bryan has been sing about the same thing for like six years. My best friend loves to tell people that she listen to him before Country embraced him.

I LOVE Reality Tv so that's that...
It's OK cause I've never seen any of the Harry Potter Movies and that always shocks people.

Jennifer Achebe said...

LOL. It's okay that I agree with you on the Dierks Bentley VS Luke Bryan comparison.

Deidre said...

I totally agree about reality tv ... I've never understood the love of George Clooney. so I understand your ryan gosling predicament.

Anonymous said...

1. I turn movies off during awkward parts and then tune back in when I know enough time has passed.

2. "Can't catch what I already got." Ha! This cracked me up.

3. Looove Emma Stone and the girl from 2 Broke Girls.

4. You don't think Ryan Gosling is sexy? Oh my heavens, that shit cray!