08 January 2013

what's in YO bag?

first of all, thank y'all all so much for your sweet comments on hubs' "guest post" yesterday.
i was so happy that he agreed to do it, and i'm glad y'all liked it. 
now, let's see y'all get y'all's hubs in on the action. i'm ready to read all about it!

now, for the point of this post ...


i was gonna lie to y'all and say i'm posting this because i can't think of anything else.
but the truth is, i freakin' love these "what's in your bag" posts. love. them.
i can't even remember the first one i saw, but i saw this one and this one lately, and i felt inspired all over again.
i used to be the diaper-bag-sized-purse-need-a-chiropractor chick, but then hubs suggested i "quit buyin' purses from target every other month and get a 'real' one instead.
so, i got my lil michael down there, and i love him and he loves me.

since i got him, i've been much better about keepin' junk outta there and cleanin' it out on the reg.

so, let's dive in shall we?


turns out i had more shiz in there than i realized.
whatever, i'm better than i used to be.

1 // meter to check the blood sugars. whattup, diabeetus?


2 // wallet
{nope, it's not a hobo. what gave it away? the janky shreds of thread around the zipper?}
i still love the hell out of this wallet. it's nine west, and it's like 5 years old.
was $35 when i got it. good luck, tried to find a link, couldn't. lo siento
did y'all know they put your weight on your license in SC?
ummm, WHAT the deuce? 
people LIE. annnd, not likely to stay the same weight for 10 years, right? shit, i wish.

wallet final

3 // receipt & business card of dude who is caring for Nita Nikon, bless her mechanical heart

4 // tamponuggets
{not sure why there are two carrying cases. better safe than sorry?}

5 // folic acid anyone?

6 //well, hey, tissues! where y'all been hidin?

7 // hoop earrings I been lookin' for, fo weeks

8 // diabeetus low-blood-sugar treats


9 // hand sanitizer, because the world is a funky place, y'all!

10 // lip stuff

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

11 // gum & oil blotting sheets

12 // cranberry tablets because one UTI was enough for this chick. thanks, surgery.

oh, and my keys. because i know y'all really give a shit what my keys look like, so here:


had this been my meemaw's purse, we could've found at least enough change for lunch, a car wash, and shit-tons of diet mt. dew.
no such luck.

and, just for fun, look at my mama & meemaw on facebook, talkin' bout some alabama in the 80's


i mean, the. bomb. y'all!


Jessica Nicole said...

muuuuuch more organized than mine! mine is only clean when i buy a new one and leave all the old junk in the old one until i need it again.. then one day i go through all the old ones, gather the change, and hit up coin star..
anyone else do this? #ashamed

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

I love the bag!! I think it's impossible to not have your purse crammed to the max!! haha

Mills said...

Ha! My husband says the same thing about target purses. I finally got a decent one but it's too big, I have a pair of heels in there now..so u can imagine.

I've been debating doing a purse post and I think you just inspired me to get on that.

Emmett Katherine said...

you've got a lot of stuff in that purse! haha i'm a bare bones kind of girl, phone, charger, keys, wallet and a lipstick sometimes gum. you've got me beat for sure!

Brooke said...

You are very organized!

Gotta keep the hypogly treats handy! You never know!

=) Brooke

Annabelle said...

I keep a lot of junk in my purse. I need to do this. Especially now that I carry a bigger purse!

KayLynn said...

Posted mine ;-) though blogger and pictures are really starting to piss me off - I end up fighting it to get them where I want and then its not so much a success..

Anonymous said...

I have a list of posts I'd like to eventually get around to. This is one of them. I should do it soon while my purse is sort of cleaned out.

Katie said...

my purse is always such a mess!! I need to do better at keeping it clean!

Southern Sass said...

I like these posts too, maybe it is because I am nosey! haha The weight on my DL still says I am 110. I wish. I haven't been 110 since Freshman year of college.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Oh my God. My mom says "BLANK is the bomb" all the time. Insert whatever you want for blank.

W T F with the weight on the license?

I am the only woman under 40 who does not currently have a tampon in their purse. I think it's because it's in the side door of my car.

SamanthaJoe said...

Hi Beth!

I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
Check out my post here: http://sassysouthernsammie.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award-take-two-three.html


Suze said...

We have our weight on our license too! And I literally haven't changed it since I got my license. They always ask, is your weight the same? And I'm always like, *shifty eyes*... yes?

You can fit a lot of stuff in that bag, girl! Nice job. :)

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I nominated you for a liebster award :)

Amanda @ The Barstows: Our Little House on the {West Texas} Prairie said...

I believe you should receive an award for having only one bobby pin in your purse and not 3454324343 of them scattered everywhere! And Alabama, sigh, will always love them, they were my first "favorite" band, yeah I was a weird kid, and now that I think about it, probably had a lot to do with me moving to the South.