13 February 2013

heyyyyyyyyy, y'all!

is this mic on?
y'all are still here?
yeah, you are.
sorry for my just peacin' out and all. i just been a little here, a little there, a little errrwhere, knowwhatimean?


first up, some business.
i think i'm gettin' rid of the button swap/sponsor/anything along those lines.
because i am psycho and ads along my sidebar make me feel cluttered. and the whole reason i blog is to DE-clutter my brain. (or at least attempt to.) please know this is NOTHING PERSONAL. so, there's that. i'll prolly delete all that jazz this week. if i love you, i will most likely shout out occasionally in my posts, which is probably more important than a sidebar button anyway. and, shouldn't bloggin' be about makin' frands? i'm just not interested in keepin' up with all that jazz.

i've still been at the store a bit, inhalin' dust, and blowin' black stuff out of my nostrils for 6 hours after i leave the store. but I LOVE IT. 

there are parts of the store that are totally magical ... 
 photo untitled-2-1_zpsdced727e.jpg

then there are other parts ...
what the hayull?

 photo re4_zpsd268dd58.jpg

but i love the sense of satisfaction i get from working to improve the store -
not to be confused with "modernizing" the store.

i love meeting the customers who come in everyday. i like selling people products that are legit. i love hangin out with the FIL (and Nikki ... i need to steal a pic of her soon).

{here's the FIL tellin' his brother all about his recent trip via iphone photos}

 photo re13_zps1f5fc766.jpg

i would LOVE to do a full blown "before & after" - butttttttttttt, i have a confession. i sort of get all gung ho, and before you know it, i've missed a meal and forgotten to take any "before" pics. i'm sorry. i know. what the hell kind of blogger or cleaner upper or decorator or store display maker am i with no "before" pics? i suck. oops. i also feel totally overwhelmed at the thought of documenting all that's been cleaned, organized, thrown out, etc.

but, here's some, at least. forgive me?

so, we sell lodge cast iron cookware at the store. previously, we had some in the main part of the store, hidden under a table and a few inches of dust. then, we had some on top of said table, and the display for the lodge stuff was in the front part of the store, and had no lodge stuff on it. so, i hauled all this shiz to one part of the store, and utilized the display.

 photo re8_zpse8573db6.jpg

we sell lots of seed in the spring. these seed scoops {and baskets} were previously just laid down wherever there was room apparently. nikki and i hung some nails and got these off of the floor, because we don't have room to be wastin' ANY kind of space.

 photo re12_zps077b974f.jpg

hubs and i went junkin and found these awesome bins to help store/organize more hardware:

 photo bins_zps2bc01d2b.jpg

we also sell galvanized tubs, pails, and cans. previously, they were all stacked together, and individually priced using a sharpie marker on the side of each one. now, one of each size and shape is displayed and priced, and the others are organized neatly.

 photo re11_zps054fb72d.jpg

the FIL also loooooved to sell shiz straight out the box, and still in the plastic wrap it came in.
*cringe* {love you, silas!}
i took all these carhartt shirts out of their wrapping, and organized and priced them.
as you can see at the bottom of the pic, there are still a few cardboard box "displays" that need to be taken care of. 

 photo store4_zpse17ae167.jpg

this bin has been here forever and a day. potatoes and beans used to be sold from it. my FIL decided to fill it up with empty boxes, and nail some wood on top, and the two things combined could serve as a "table" to sell stuff from.

 photo re1_zps1ed769c9.jpg

so, we threw out all the boxes and got rid of the wood and filled the bins up with .....
merchandise. so we can sell it. ;)
{we sell lots of work boots. when the spring comes, we'll switch out the socks, gloves and toboggans for something else}

 photo socks_zps9c05a083.jpg

there are other aspects of the store that just ...
add character.

 photo re9_zpsdad97ecc.jpg 

on a completely unrelated note, i am obsessed with this video.
i've always liked carrie, but she's never been a favorite.
however, with 'blown away' and 'two black cadillacs', i dunno, i feel like she's finally gettin' into her groove or somethin. like, she's finally able to truly do what she wants, and i am lovin' it.

i love the song.
i love the creepy piano music in the video.
i love the vintage cadillacs.
i love her shoes.
i love both women's funeral attire, especially the red nails and the veil.
and, duh, i love that the car has a spirit of its own.
i read something saying that carrie wanted to get the okay from stephen king before moving forward with the video since the whole idea of the car having a mind of its own is sort of borrowed from his book/movie 'christine'.
do y'all love it as much as i do?

welp, that's all for now, shugs.

peace out.


Alexa said...

I just got major goosebumps watching that freaking video!! The song has always been eerie to me, but now seeing the video is like WHOAAAA.

Also, the store looks so great! You're Superwoman, for real. And I solemnly swear I'm gonna come by there sometime to see ya!

Meredith said...

I'mma need that poster. You've done a great job cleain up the place!

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

The store looks pretty cool and that poster should be front and center...I died laughing!! welcome back!!!

Southern Sass said...

Is that an old gas pump? What a neat picture. The store looks good! That video is creepy!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I am often bad at taking before pics.

I can't deal with buttons on sidebars in my life, I am on your brainwave re: cluttering.

Abigaylemae said...

LOL...PLEASE Pin that poster...LOL

Suze said...

I am in luuuuuuuuuuuurve with the store. Every store post is fantastic. In my humble opinion, you're doing a great job of maximizing the store's potential without taking away the character or making it something it's not supposed to be. I'm impressed.

If I'm ever in y'all's neck of the woods....