21 February 2013

street sweepin in the QC and impregnating shoes

so, last night's trip to tar-zhay was a success.

 photo 2013-02-20_20-23-13_583_zpsbad39a5c.jpg

i don't bother to curl my hair to go to the store, so i haven't messed with the curling wand thingie yet.
if i master it, i will let y'all know all about it.

on the way to the store this mornin, i sat on the highway between TWO exits for THIRTY minutes.

 photo IMG_20130221_102357_zpsbe16ef8a.jpg

know why?
some dingleberry somehow lost thousands of batteries all. over. the. road.
closed down all three lanes, and an exit.
what. the. deuce?
i saw a helicopter looming overhead, and now i know someone inside was filming this titillating video of dudes sweepin' up batteries:

When I finally did make it to the store, it was about lunch time.
Never a dull moment.

Some favorite quotes from today:
Silas: "FOOT ASS?!?" (in response to a customer who asked for a foot axe)

Me: "SILAS, YOU WONT SOME CORNBREADDDDDD?!" (my soup today from the methodist church came with some cornbread and i already had me a sandwich to go with it) nikki started laughin, and said, "Man, that was reddd." So, then I bout choked and started laughin too. 

Nikki: "I felt lower than a pregnant ant." (while telling me a story at lunch)

Nikki: "What is that?" (asked to Silas, pointing to a cone shaped cell phone booster)
Silas: "A phallic symbol."

Me: "How do you impregnate a shoe?" (asked to Silas, after finding this:)
 photo IMG_20130221_145218_zpsd867aafb.jpg

Customer: "Hi, I need to speak to the person in charge, please."
Silas: "Well, I don't know of nobody like that around here, but what is it you lookin' for?"

we had chef's salad for supper tonight, and y'all one thing about bein' gluten free that suuuuuuuuuuuuucks is a lack of croutons. normal grocery stores around us didn't carry em, and i was too lazy to go to a specialty store.
so, i made some!
and they were the. JAM.

easy too!
cut bread in small cubes (gluten free bread is often kept frozen anyway, so it made the cutting part really easy)
melt butter, and stir in garlic powder and grated parmesan
stir the bread cubes in the butter mixture, and bake at 350 for about 10 mins.
(the baking time may vary a little depending on how many you make)

 photo IMG_20130221_192938_zpsb4d70ad1.jpg

soooooooooo divine, y'all!
so, so, so magical.
took my salad to a whole nother level!

tomorrow is friday!

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Teresa said...

that video leaves me with so many questions. but the only one that I will ask is how in the world does someone lose that many batteries on a highway?!?

Meredith said...

i love that no one is in charge, its like the time a telemarketer called and my mom told them she was the adult but wasn't allowed to make decisions.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Those croutons look great, I'm glad you posted your method!

Thank you for this:
Customer: "Hi, I need to speak to the person in charge, please."
Silas: "Well, I don't know of nobody like that around here, but what is it you lookin' for?"


Suze said...

homemade croutons are delicious!

I sure hope I meet Silas one day. :)

Please let me know how the curly-thingy works out. I am intimidated by them, but they look like they do so nice...

Have a great weekend!

Annabelle said...

Impregnate a shoe? Seriously, Silas needs to enlighten me!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...


Holy cow, that looks amazing!

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

AND keep them impregnating shoes the hell away from me ;)

Ain't nobody got time for babies!