22 April 2013

grits -n- greens ... put dis in ya mouf

because it's awesome.

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I would love to give credit to the original recipe source, but I swear I have no clue where it came from. 
Some magazine. And then we made copies from copies from copies.
Lo siento, shugs. 

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my extra two cents:

1) i have done both frozen and fresh collards. i recommend fresh. this time, i didn't have enough chicken broth to cook the collards in them, but i cooked them in water with salt and bacon grease, and then drained them as directed. shit was good. i also kept the collard green "broth" afterward, because it is excellent for cookin' grits, rice, etc. yummation. #callmecray

2) i recommend cooking the grits on a low simmer, like 2.5 or 3 ... it may take a little longer than 30 minutes to cook, but it makes for a creamier casserole. otherwise, on higher heat, the grits thicken quickly, and they dry out faster, and you have to watch that mo like a hawk and stir constantly or they will stick like crazy.

3) use a dutch oven rather than a stock pot if you can ... otherwise, stir constantly

4) i only used one stick of butter instead of two, and it was still plenty rich

5) don't cheat and use instant grits

6) you can do more or less collards - your preference, but don't mess with the portions on the part when you are cookin' just the grits

7) i like to eat mine with some sliced tomato with salt & pepper ... mmmmmmm

* ps - am i the only one who gets blake shelton stuck in my head?

i got a friend from new york city,
he's never heard of conway twitty,
don't know nothin' bout grits & greens
never been south of queens,

but he flew down here on a business trip,
i took him honky-tonkin' and that was it.
he took to it like a pig to mud,
like a cow to cud

okay, just checkin'


Aleshea said...

Stalks blog while at work. Why you no post new recipe today... Everything you've been cooking looks so good and I need new ideas. But really yummy.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I don't normally eat grits but this looks awesome.

Annabelle said...

Next time you cook, I'm joining you for dinner!