10 May 2013

dear middle-of-the-night-low-blood-sugars

you suck.

as much as i love orange juice,
i love my sleep more.


if y'all missed it, i am afflicted with the type 1 diabeetus.
most of the time, i deal.
but what sucks is the middle-of-the-night-lows.
usually i have whack ass dreams that i am eating gross shit when i'm low in my sleep - like sweaty cheese that's been on a platter too long, or slushies that taste like what i imagine slop to taste like.
seriously, haven't had a slushie or any kind of icy treat in years because of said dream.

when my blood sugar drops below 60ish in my sleep ...

1) i wake up knowin' that if i don't hurry up and get some carbs i am goin' to black the eff out for maybe forever, but my bed is still super comfy and i don't want to get out
2) i worry i may fall down the steps
3) i am now hungry because i am awake
4) i know that i'm bout to take another eternity to fall back asleep, and when i do, weird ass dreams are sure to follow.

but - since i don't want to go into a coma,
i get up.
and drag myself down the stairs to the kitchen.

sometimes, i am so low that it feels like the house is about 110 degrees. this makes me panic, because i know that is just how low i actually am. so i drink faster. and way too much. and i shovel in truckloads of peanuts at the same time.

God, i love me some salty peanuts with some orange juice.

so, even though it only takes about 25g of carbs to correct this madness, i end up consuming like 70g of carbs. and about 300 calories that i didn't need. and however many grams of fat from the damn peanuts.
 because, like i said, when i am deliriously low, i am also ravenous.

in my mind, i know that i don't need that many carbs. but still, you know, the panic.

and this is why i have love handles.

well, this and the red bridge.

and the ranch.

and the fries.

at least i wake up though.
because anj pie sho as hell ain't goin' to, bless his heart. i mean, he thinks he will. he responds when i yell, "ANJ! I NEED SOME JUICE!"
anj: okay.
* rolls over and keeps on snorin'*

but, to fix that, i sat me one of those ring-bell-for-service bells on my nightstand, just for those nights when i seriously feel like i might not make it down the steps in one piece.
i promised to only use it during emergencies.
i don't wanna be the girl who cried wolf, you know.


Aleshea said...

Rough, rough, rough! Stupid Diabetes

Marisela Gonzalez said...

Yikes. That doesn't sound fun at all!! If the space allows, have you ever considered a mini fridge in the bedroom?

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Effing diabeetus making you sleep eat when you're trying to get your sugar back up.

I say do the mini fridge in the bedroom!

Abigaylemae said...

I'm def no expert in the diabeetus dept, but have you ever tried Nutella when you are low? Or is Nutella one of those definite no-no's for you? I don't do many sweets (I'd just rather have salty all the time instead), but I've started using it on crackers and toast for an alternative to my normal nonexistant breakfast :)

Christa @ Significance or Nothing said...

This story made me chuckle a little, but only because I know exactly what you're talking about. So true.