01 May 2013

what i want to change about me

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today's post was inspired by casey's

God made us all unique, but there are certainly some things i would like to do to become a better version of myself ...

1} make healthier choices. i'm bigger than i once was, and it is all pretty much from a total lack of exercise, and too many beer, cheese and french fry calories.but, not just that, i need to think of my food as fuel, to give me energy, and make my body run more efficiently. right now, i'm not being as nice as i should be to my heart and other organs. i used to really enjoy walking. it was refreshing and a way to clear my head or at least sort through what is bothering me. i'm not getting any younger, and my metabolism isn't getting any faster. i will take better care of my health.

2} i will try to have more patience with people. most of the time, the people that drive me the most nuts have been through something that i don't fully know about or understand. and even if they haven't i'll be thankful to not be in their shoes, and find something positive to do or think about instead of wallowing in my anger and irritation. i will also realize that sometimes staying away from other people's drama is the only way to "deal", whether it hurts their feelings or not. you cannot fix or change people, and choosing to be around people who fill me with negative feelings, anger and stress is counter productive, and running me down. i will not feel guilty for abandoning the drama and wanting no part of it.

3} i'm going to try really hard to stop being so much of an analyzer. this one is really, really difficult for me. i am a person who needs things to make sense, and sometimes they just don't. i will appreciate the awesome things in everyday and stop worrying about where they are all leading, or what God is working on.

4} i will do my best and that will be enough for me and for God. if others don't like it or are disappointed, that's on them, and they can make future decisions regarding my involvement as they see fit.

5} i will stop cheating on my gluten diet. all of the symptoms of gluten intolerance are back and i need to realize that cheating just doesn't work.

6} i will keep my house and my car more tidy and clean. i feel so much better when it is, and my husband deserves to come home to a clean house. he does A LOT for me and for us and the least i can do is stay on top of the cleaning.

7} i will drink more water and less soft drinks. ugh. :/

8} i will read more. whether fiction, non-fiction, a magazine, whatever. it's a nice way to "visit" someone or somewhere else, and to get inspired/motivated.

9} i will work on my tan because the whiteness of my legs is straight up scary as hell. i don't do tanning beds. and i don't do spray tans. this means i'll have to spend some time at the pool or at least on our back patio. i will wear sunscreen on my face and chest. but my arms and legs needs some color, y'all.

10} i always get stuck on #10, no matter what the list is .... so, i will stop being so OCD about 10 items on a list, and be okay with it if there's only 9. WAIT!! actually, i just thought of one: i will have fun with my camera. i will take photos of things that i find to be pretty, unique or inspiring, even if nobody else sees any value in the photo whatsoever. i will stop obsessing so much about the zillions of buttons and ways to shoot in "manual" and just enjoy my camera and learn as i go.

11} (hey, i'm on a roll) meh, nevermind.


The Pink Growl said...

love this list and I can totally relate to most of them! My goal for May is definitely to try and make healthier lifestyle choices and just be thankful every day for something.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Did you remove a piece of my brain to write 1-4?

The {Mrs} Adventure of a misplaced Belle said...

I think I need this list for my blog! :) You can do it girl!

Abigaylemae said...

freestyle it with the camera. i highly advise..its a lot more fun and a lot less stress. i cheat a lot of times by shooting in straight auto mode then using those settings as a starting point when i tweak my manual shots :)