22 June 2013

DECADES Fashion Show in Charlotte

Thursday night, the FIL & I went to see our Ms. Nikki in a vintage fashion show in Charlotte.
Nikki modeled the 1940's.
I have always looooved some vintage anything, including clothes. I am no priss, but I think the women's clothes of the 20's - 60's had a magic about them that today's clothes just don't quite have.
I wish I'd had my DSLR with me, but I wasn't sure if I could take it in,
but - did manage to snap some phone shots.

 photo 13ec6dc3-e3d7-4467-83fd-f84bd19d0172_zpseda5868f.jpg  photo collage5_zps7b29aa66.jpg
 photo collage4_zpsed528a36.jpg  photo collage2_zps91e9fee0.jpg  photo collage3_zpscb99ef1b.jpg  photo collage6_zps9926adc7.jpg  photo collage7_zpsd85456f7.jpg

Wine on a rooftop at sunset? 
Sign me up.

You were wonderful, Nikki!


Meredith said...

he could be the coolest FIL. and that green dress, beautiful.

Aleshea said...

I love the shot with your glasses overlooking the town.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Beautiful perspective of shots even with your phone!

I love your FIL and that you guys went together alone.