24 June 2013

Happy 40th Anniversary to my In-laws!

My MIL & FIL celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. Whoop! Whoop!
All us siblings and out-laws planned a little party for Saturday night.
There was good food, good drinks, good friends.

I made this little sign for them from a frame I already had, some letter cards I picked up while out junkin', some string, and some mini clothes pins.

Anj was a good son and gave a warm welcome to the guests, and then attempted to tell the story of why we were having the party at this particular restaurant ...

But Silas let him know real quick that he was telling the story all wrong, and that there were parts that he didn't know. So, he and my MIL took over. 

I think a good time was had by all!

Anybody who puts up with Silas for 40 years deserves a party, amiright?

I'm kiddin'!

Hope y'all had a magical Monday.

Linked up with Sami today. :)

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