25 June 2013

SILAS-ism of the day

An older gentleman and some of his younger relatives were in the store looking around, and had tried on some overalls and checked out several items. They made their way to the hard candies by the door, and noted that we had licorice and sassafras. A few minutes went by and the oldest gentleman said, "Y'all got ho'hound?" And Silas and I both said, "Yessir. We do." Silas walked off, and I walked toward the candy to assist the man. I said, "Here's a bag. It's a better buy to get three bags instead of one if you think you'll eat it." ... Meanwhile, Silas has been gone for several seconds, and has now reappeared with a hoe handle in his hand. All the men looked confused.
"HOREHOUND, SILAS!" I said. "They wanted HOREHOUND candy! Not a HOE HANDLE!"
Hahahahaha! Bless his heart.


Annabelle said...

I didn't know what that stuff was either until I met my husband! Silas cracks me up!

Meredith said...