11 July 2013

britt's donuts. better than krispy kreme.

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i know. 
it sounds blasphemous, but i wouldn't lie to you.
 if you are ever in carolina beach, you must go to britt's donuts and get you a dozen.
and then, maybe another dozen the next day.

holy shizzam!
best. thing. on. this. earth.
even if you are allergic to gluten.

they only take cash.
they only make plain and simple good ole glazed.
and it's still worth getting up on vacation, walking over a mile from your condo, and waiting in line for 40 minutes to get 'em.
and it's not because they might run out.
it's because they are just that good.

worth every penny.
and calorie.
and gluten cramp.


Aleshea said...

They look yummy

Emma P said...

I know the family who owns Britts. Better than any other donut! Yum.

Meredith said...

why you be posting this delish lookin mess on my blogger feed in the middle of the day when i'm about pass out and all i want now is a friggin donut. we have a place in my hometown that will walk the dog all over krispy kreme.