01 July 2013

Crossland Studio in Charlotte

Owned by two brothers. If you're ever in Charlotte, you gotta check 'em out.

 photo collage1_zps4228683e.jpg
 photo collage5_zps30247ad5.jpg
 photo collage3_zpse7c2f331.jpg
 photo collage4_zps64f7c5bd.jpg
 photo collage2_zps10177125.jpg
 photo collage6_zps8e8c908f.jpg
 photo collage7_zpsb29ade18.jpg
 photo collage8_zps030892ba.jpg

Basically, a magical salvage wonderland full of deliciously worn architectural bits to gussy up your house.
Or restaurant.
Or any space you want to look like total awesomeness.

Makes me happy.

Blogger Peeps: I'm so confused. I never used Google Reader - will y'all's blog posts still show up in my blog roll from my dashboard? I don't get it ...


Meredith said...

i'm assuming you can shop at this place?

google reader and the blogger homepage are different, i think a lot of people thought it was one thing. google reader is a manager site for anyone to use.

Emmett Katherine said...

So many treasures ... So far away :(

I want that wrought (?) iron fence the one with the fleur de les motif/tops. Not practical for urban living but whatever!

Jess said...

these photos are awesome! i bet the studio would love to see them.